Today’s Headlines

  • Glenn

    Missing headline: Manhattan lawmakers cede the field to narrow-minded Suburban & outerborough colleagues

  • Toll discounts for in-state drivers are (in my opinion) probably not constitutional. (Nor are they a good idea, in any case.)

  • vnm

    That Rhode Island / Massachusetts EZPass court case has implications here in NYC. Staten Island residents pay less than everyone else to drive across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Rockaway Peninsula residents get a 100% rebate on the tolls they pay on the Cross Bay Bridge (that is at least until the MTA doomsday budget comes to pass).

  • It looks like East River Plaza and Costco are being developed by the same people who want to develop Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. Is that right? That says something about the quality of the urban vision behind Atlantic Yards.

    “On a Tuesday morning Forest City Enterprises investors call, president and CEO (and cousin of Bruce) Chuck Ratner revealed that Costco Wholesale will open its first Manhattan store in East River Plaza, the development firm’s 500,000-square-foot mall set to open later this year on the plot of land bounded by 116th and 119th streets and the F.D.R. Drive.”

  • Nicole Gelinas

    Hi – I don’t mean to sound nitpicky, but the roundup of mine should really say “Albany should help the MTA cut pension costs.” It is an important distinction, since the MTA cannot do this on its own; it is a legislative matter. Thanks!