Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Rescue Talks in Chaos as Suburban Senate Dems Balk at Payroll Tax (NYT, News, NY1)
  • 50-Cent Cab Surcharge Was on the Table (News, Post)
  • Tom Robbins Skewers Comrades Kruger and Espada (Voice)
  • Bill Hammond: Beware an MTA Plan From Three Men in a Room (News)
  • Bike Theft in NYC: How Widespread Is It? Don’t Ask NYPD (City Room)
  • NJ Turnpike Widening a Total Waste of Money (MTR)
  • House Dems From NYC Aren’t Taking the Metro to Work (News)
  • Conservatives Who Bike (Utne)
  • The New Haven BRT Line That Might Have Been (DNH via
  • 60 Years of Transportation Investment Collapse in Giant Ponzi Scheme (Faking Places)
  • Obama Hands TransAlt Critical Task of Rebranding American Car Models
  • Larry Littlefield

    A good summary of the actual “doomsday” to fear, in the NY Observer, and well worth reading.

    “The train cars and tracks would deteriorate rather quickly, giving rise to even more “signal problems” that so often hold up trains, boosting the number of “slow zones”—which are pretty much what they sound like—and increasing the number of derailments.”

    “It wouldn’t exactly be New York in the 1970s, but a decaying transit system, if it gets bad enough, actually begins to undermine New York’s status as a vibrant urban center, interrupting the flow of a system that gives over 2.6 billion rides a year, doing damage to a central feature of the city’s business position and general quality of life.”

    We’ve been paying for ongoing normal replacement, maintenance in all but name, with debt as part of the capital plan since the early 1990s. (And there have been similar decisions made in other categories of public policy across the board.) This, not the fare increases or even service cuts, is what I fear — an end to maintenance.

  • Trans Alt is a good April’s fools 😛

  • Glenn

    Manhattan representatives need to start standing up for their constituents (and the constituents of their outerborough colleagues that are transit riders). All I ever hear about in the press are outerborough politicians complaining about their poor motorists while everyone sits quietly and vaguely nods their head about “equity”. This BS needs to be stopped…now

    It’s time for Manhttan representatives to grow a spine and speak up for their constituents, make alliances across party lines and stop enabling these lumpen legislators that don’t even represent the majority of their own constituents.

  • Ashcan Sam

    How about a medium-sized fare increase, bridge tolls, and no payroll tax — would that get a couple of senate Repubs on board?

  • Car Free Nation

    Can’t Bloomberg bang some Republican heads together to swing the vote? Hasn’t he been funding their campaigns for years? Can’t he get any payback, now, when we need it?

    If we had 5 Republican’s the path would be clear.

  • Glenn

    Question: When was the last time that NYC elected an Outerborough Mayor?

    Perhaps narrowmindedness is in the political DNA of outerborough politicians, such that they can’t ever compete politically with people who think of the city as a whole.

  • Answer: 1997, Rudy Giuliani, born and raised in Brooklyn. And we saw how well that turned out.

  • vnm

    So is the Post’s bus trip to Albany back on?

  • glenn

    I’m talking more about political culture. When was the last time a council member, borough president or state representative from the outerboroughs was elected Mayor

  • Larry Littlefield

    “When was the last time a council member, borough president or state representative from the outerboroughs was elected Mayor.”

    Giuliani was born in Brooklyn, but grew up in the ‘burbs and lived in Manhattan for years before being elected.

    The answer is Abe Beame, who left the city bankrupt, taxes sky high, the subway system in ruins, and the bridges so decrepit they had to be rebuilt at a cost of $billions and frequently closed for decades.

    Beame fought off bridge tolls when they were being pushed by the early federal EPA.

  • Re. the Bike Theft in NYC article:

    “Spokes is a new weekly City Room feature about bicycling in New York.”


  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    How quickly they forget eh Larry.
    Don’t expect the Repiblicans to step forward and rescue Smith and Patterson. This is about control of the Senate and redisticting. Johnson, for example opposes any capital plan tht oncludes mainline third track for the LIRR. For his political genre (NIMBY) a funded capital plan is actually the worst case pssible.