Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Attempting to Fund Transit and Avoid Bridge Tolls (NYT, Post)
  • Obama Admin Takes Firmer Approach With GM and Chrysler (NYT, NYT, WSJ, Yglesias)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Face-Lift Headlines List of NYC Stim Projects (News, Post)
  • Pols ‘Protest’ MTA Doomsday Measures at City Hall (Bklyn Eagle)
  • Without Rescue Package MTA Would Cut 3,000 Positions (News)
  • Rental Housing on the Rise in the Exurbs (WSJ)
  • How Much High-Speed Rail Does $8 Billion Buy? (MSNBC)
  • CA Bill Would Set the Stage for Mileage Tax (Streetsblog SF)
  • WashCycle Wades Into the Bike PR Debate
  • Albuquerque Getting a Bike Bridge Across Rio Grande (Bike ABQ via
  • It’s frustrating to see the legislators who don’t have their heads up their asses regarding bridge tolls backing down to those who do.

  • Also, a couple of well-put disappointing-but-true quotes from Ross Capon of the National Association of Railroad Passengers at the end of the MSNBC article about high-speed rail:

    “The reason why high-speed rail has never taken off is because this country is determined to live on cheap gasoline and airplane travel.”


    “It’s very likely that all of the [$8B for high-speed rail included in the economic stimulus package] will go to significant improvements of existing tracks. It’s not going to build bullet trains.”

  • RE: Rental Housing on the Rise in the Exurbs

    Drearily predictable anti-renter slurs from the Wall Street Journal. They’re not quite ready to accept the fact that America isn’t nearly as rich as it thinks it is, and the owning property is not going to be a middle-class activity very much longer.