Poll Watch: Paterson Getting No Respect for MTA Rescue Efforts

If you’re the sort of person who just can’t resist unscientific internet polls (and I am), there are a couple of good ones about the current state of MTA rescue talks. In NY1’s who-to-blame poll, ineffectual Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith was getting off scot-free as of about 4:30 this afternoon:


The governor, who went on the offensive today criticizing Smith’s chamber, might find more favor among Daily News readers, judging by this poll that asks what people think of the Senate Dems’ MTA proposal:


  • Something inside me says that this poll is upside down. It is worded very strangely, I’ll bet if it were more clear “Who is most to blame for not doing more for the MTA financial crisis?” You’d see different results.

  • Jason A

    I bet some of it has to do with the simple fact that Malcolm Smith is less-known than the other two. He’s only been Majority Leader for a few months now…

  • Yep, I think Clarence is onto something – the NY1 poll is confusingly worded.

  • Moser

    Take a look at any public approval ratings for Paterson lately and you’ll see Jason is right. People think the Guv is a dufus.

  • I too thought the poll was worded rather strangely.

    Also, I don’t get all the hatin’ on Paterson. I rather like him. But I guess he has to take the fall for the mess all his predecessors have left us in.

  • My views of Paterson are still pretty viscous, but you gotta admit he is one of the funniest politicians we have ever had.

  • Well, he’s certainly been the inspiration for one or two of the funniest bits on SNL in years… if you’re into politically incorrect humor 🙂

    But what I like about him is his “persona”, not anything specific he’s done so far (although he has said a lot of the right things). He’s just “likable”, for whatever that’s worth. I really disliked Spitzer for the opposite reason. All totally trivial, I know.

  • He certainly doesn’t deserve to have poll numbers lower than Pataki.

  • Paterson is the only well-known person on that list.

  • The MTA is opaque, our legislators are oblique, and my neighbors are obtuse. No wonder nothing is happening with the bailout.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    What is so opaque about an authority that holds public board meetings monthly and publishes their financial record? If you want to look at the books just call the Board office and they will put you on the list. Accepting the nonsense about “transparency” and “reform” from anyone, especially the press and the politicians, is really a major part of the problem and a big lie, major league copout by any standard.


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