Today’s Headlines

  • After MTA Board Meeting, Chair Says Situation Is Dire and Deadline Is Real (City Room, Politicker)
  • Post: Paterson Plans to Get Votes for MTA Rescue via Member Items
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Queens Mother Near Her Home in Flushing (News)
  • BikePortland Reports From Day of Bike Advocacy on Capitol Hill
  • Next Federal Transpo Bill Will Be Called ‘CLEAN-TEA’ (KC Light Rail via
  • Asphalt Industry Looking for Its Piece of Stimulus Pie (NYT)
  • Should NYC Do Away With Borough Presidents? (News)
  • Ethics Panel Says Pols Can Drive Their Govt Cars Wherever They Want (Post)
  • NY Waterways Ferry Co. on Verge of Bankruptcy (Crain’s)
  • New South Ferry Subway Station Opens Today (NY1)
  • Here’s one reason to abolish the borough presidencies:

    All of the borough presidents paid full-time chauffeurs, except for Staten Island’s Molinaro

    Is someone who’s chauffeured around the city going to be more sympathetic to motorists or transit riders?

    Their main role is the appointment of community boards – does anyone think those work well? Turn the community boards into elected councils of no more than nine people, and you don’t need a borough president any more.

  • The devastated family of a 43-year-old Queens mother demanded justice Friday as cops feverishly sought the hit-and-run driver who struck and killed her.

    Lemme guess, if the driver hadn’t run off it would have been, “Police said there was no evidence of criminality, and the driver was not charged.” Cue the “horrible accident” sympathy parade. Why is killing someone and then leaving so horrible, but killing someone and staying means there was no wrongdoing?

  • And does anyone think that her husband and son would have been any less devastated if the driver had stuck around?

  • Larry Littlefield

    No one one in Washington has the guts to impose a tax to keep fossil fuel prices moderately high for the consumer, the fall in prices has stifled conservation and crushed both alternative energy and even domestic drilling in a matter of months.

    OPEC defeats gutless, shortsighted, whining Americans (the only ones who matter poltically) again!

    And the result?

    “Natural gas drillers from Devon Energy Corp. to XTO Energy Inc. are idling rigs at the fastest pace since 2002, setting the stage for this year’s worst commodity to almost double as supplies drop faster than demand.”

    “About 45 percent of U.S. rigs have been shut since September, which means fourth-quarter gas production will tumble 5.2 percent, faster than the 1.9 percent decline in use, the Energy Department forecast. Prices will rise to $7 per million British thermal units by January from $3.89 today on the New York Mercantile Exchange, according to a Bloomberg News survey of 20 analysts. The gain would be the largest since the first half of 2008.”

    Even global warming denyers want domestic gas to displace imported oil, and even the NRDC points to gas as a cleaner alternative to oil and coal as a transitional fuel. We’ll be getting yet another price shock within months.

    From Harry Chapin’s “I Wonder What Would Happen to the World”

    As I look around us
    There’s such strange things
    There’s muggers and there’s jugglers
    And we are led by clowns
    If an answer ever found us
    Would we change things
    Or are we just a people
    Rotten ready for the ground

  • Is someone who’s chauffeured around the city going to be more sympathetic to motorists or transit riders?

    But they need chauffeurs to attract quality candidates. Or something.