Today’s Headlines

  • Glenn

    I love the last line of the article on van hits scaffolding:

    The scaffolding, erected alongside the Health and Beauty Pharmacy, was cited last month by the Department of Buildings for not meeting safety code standards, officials said.

    Implying that both are somehow at fault here. Are scaffolding supposed to be resistant to automobiles crashing into them?

  • Rhywun

    RE: Paterson Announces Long-Term Rail Plan for Upstate NY

    Where is downstate NY’s long-term rail plan? You know, where people actually ride trains?

  • Rhywun

    RE: Seattle Gets Chain Stores to Ditch the Auto-Centric Model

    I am reminded of living in a pedestrian-rich area of Buffalo, just north of downtown & kind of gentrified (as much as that happens in Buffalo), and on my corner (Delaware & North) Walgreens built a suburban drugstore, complete with drive-through. This replaced a suburban Howard Johnsons. When your city is going down the tubes you take just about any kind of development you can get. The East Side, for example, is like a mini-Detroit with many abandoned houses and gaping holes. Some of these are being filled in with… suburban ranch houses.

  • gecko

    re: More on Yesterday’s Rally Calling on Manhattan DA to Prosecute Negligent Driver (News, City Room)

    New York City should be accountable every time its transportation system kills people. Bus, automobile, and truck transportation are definitely part of this city’s transportation system wherein simple human error can be fatal. As part of the local transportation system, these vehicles are allowed to operate within the system in a very dangerous way. This can be remedied immediately by severely limiting the mortality potential of simple human error when people operate these extremely dangerous machines.

  • Re: Carrion’s approval of the Boricua Village complex:

    The complex will also include […] underground parking for 175 cars.

    Adolfo Carrion: helping turn urban residents into drivers since 1997!

  • Re. Glenn’s post above:

    “Implying that both are somehow at fault here. Are scaffolding supposed to be resistant to automobiles crashing into them?”

    Are they? I don’t know and I’m guessing neither do you or the author of the Daily News story, who’s just reporting information that might be relevant.

    Re. “Drunk Driver Kills Motorcyclist in Greenpoint”:

    “John Sitarevich, the victim’s father, reserved judgment on the crash – for now.

    ‘I can’t point the finger at someone that might be innocent,’ he said.”

    Wot, that’s… that’s an awfully calm attitude for someone to have in that situation.

  • That Seattle chain store story link doesn’t appear to be working. I’d like to check that article out if you guys can find a good link. Thanks.