Snowstorm Aftermath Open Thread

How are those bike paths and bridge crossings on this icy day?

A reader sends a non-weather-related heads up: Construction on the new section of the Eighth Avenue protected bike path has begun, so conditions from 14th to 23rd Street may be somewhat difficult for cyclists to navigate while that’s going on.

  • I took the W-Burg Bridge this morning. It’s in excellent shape (maybe too much salt, but I’m really glad it’s been cleared).

  • jonesy

    anyone take the manhattan? whats it like?

  • Last night (from my subway window) the ped (south) side of the Manhattan Bridge looked clear.

  • jonesy
    I got twittered this morning that “the manhattan bridge is completely clear and rideable” is the best thing to happen to bridges since bike lanes.

  • I didn’t ride yesterday or today, but it looked like they actually plowed the Queensboro Bridge path. The streets in Astoria and LIC were still pretty lousy this morning, not worth chancing the ride in. It’s the space between moving traffic and the parked cars where we ride that takes a while to clear, especially on the side streets.

  • I had to come home in a cab at 3 AM last night from JFK (didn’t bring enough warm clothes, and flight delays of 3 hours plus made me cave in.) BUT, I was pleasantly surprised to see the new greenway path on Columbia Street from Atlantic Avenue was plowed and relatively snow-free and yet the street itself kind of looked like crap! Wow, have we really adapted a plow bike lanes first policy like Boulder and Madison?

  • if you regularly ride your bike over bridges in the 5 boroughs, especially at times that would give commuters a heads up in the morning or before heading home, please contact me:

    I am always looking for more folks to help us make this twitter be helpful.

    stacey—thanks for the kind words.

  • jonesy

    thanks all; that twitter is awesome (and makes me reevaluate my utter hatred of twitter just a little). i just rode and for all else interested, indeed the manhattan bike side is totally clear (but SALTY!)

  • jonesy

    caroline: someone should DEFINITELY link to that twitter feed, or refer to it, on the frontpage of This morning i infact went to transalt, and to the resources area, to see if you kids had anything like this, because i assumed you did. i assumed right (yay TA!) but that it is not available is really a shame….

  • Kate

    What about the upper upper west side around the GWB? Does anyone know if that’s icy still?


  • I rode the train in today b/c the streets in Greenpoint were/are a mess. I was pretty surprised at the street conditions around midtown too. The avenues are all great but the streets are a total mess. It looked like on most of the streets I saw that you’d really have to take the lane (unless you’ve got knobby tires on) b/c of the snow pile-ups left by the plows in between traffic and parked cars .

  • I have to ride early in the morning tomorrow from the UWS to City Hall. Can anyone tell me if the West Side Bike Path is clear of snow/ice (at least in a strip up the middle of each lane?)

  • I can see from Stuyvesant up to Pier 40, and that is clear for the most part.

  • Thanks!

  • Ken

    I just rode the West Side path from 87th Street to 26th St. and back and it was almost completely clear — very passable. There were some puddles and wet spots that may freeze overnight, but other than that you should be in good shape, at least to 26th. The crosstreets, on the other hand, were hazardous, particularly on the UWS, because the snow takes away the “shoulder,” forcing you to ride in front of cars or very close to them.


Ninth Avenue Bike Path Expands Northward

The Open Planning Project’s Lily Bernheimer snapped these shots of the Ninth Avenue separated bike path, now being extended from 23rd Street to 31st. Plastic bollards separate bikes from car and truck traffic at W. 23rd. Pedestrian island under construction at 29th.