No More Years: 89-Year-Old Robert Morgenthau to Step Down

morgenthau_1.jpgCity Room is reporting that Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau will not seek re-election this year. Morgenthau, who will turn 90 this summer, has held the post since 1975.

His departure marks a changing of the guard and opens one of
Manhattan’s plum elected posts for the first time in decades — a major
draw in a year when the overturning of term limits has left many of the
city’s ambitious younger politicians pondering their future.

This changing of the guard could also be a tremendous opportunity to make traffic justice an issue in the election of the next DA. Morgenthau’s successor will replace the man whose office recently doled out a 16-day jail term to a speeding drunk driver who killed a woman and left the scene — just one example of the cheapening of human life that livable streets advocates have, sadly, come to expect from the borough’s top enforcer.

Even before today’s news, Leslie Crocker Snyder had again thrown her hat in the ring. Here’s hoping she and her opponents will give public safety on New York City streets the attention it sorely needs.

  • Larry Littlefield

    No complaints about someone who worked and contributed up to age 89. Just think of the pension savings!

  • Rhywun

    the overturning of term limits has left many of the city’s ambitious younger politicians pondering their future

    Thanks for reminding me of those conniving schemers in the City Council who voted to grant themselves a job extension along with the coronation of their King Bloomberg. If you thought city government was dysfunctional before, just wait until they dump actual business in favor of the perpetual campaigning they will do in order to stay in power.

  • donnie jeffcoat

    How ever so fortunate are we the opportunists. . .. Not that this blog examines his record on public transportation crime, which I would assume decreased for the past few decades. At least a little gratitude would be nice to the man who has lived 3 to 4 times over most of us.

  • Instead of assuming, maybe you could take a few minutes to find some facts before you scold?

  • donnie jeffcoat

    Nah, I want somebody else to. Like the people who actually get paid to make the decisions that matter.


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