Livable Streets Leaders Are NY’s Most Beautiful Politicos


Move on over, Bar Refaeli and make room on the newsstand for Paul Steely White and Janette Sadik-Khan. City Hall, a free monthly newspaper, has named the pair of leading transportation policy wonks to its "30 Most Beautiful People in New York Politics" list.

While Sadik-Khan was a shoo-in, we hear that Steely White just barely edged out Queens Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio for that final slot. Congratulations to both and let’s chalk up another good reason to commute by bike and by foot: It makes you beautiful.

Feel free to add your own additions to the "Most Beautiful" list in the comments section…

  • If that Seminerio comment is sarcastic, it’s inappropriate and should be edited out. If it’s not sarcastic, you should clarify it.

  • This entire compilation is inappropriate; don’t we get enough of this superficial nonsense from the popular media? I want to learn about these people’s policies, not an arbitrary ranking of who the City Hall News deems beautiful.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    This is part of selling the culture of positive urban transportation. Its part of making this politics popular, make it cool to ride the bus or the bike. That is OK with me. No one thinks that simply because they are good-looking people that they are somehow less substantive.

  • Come on, streetsblog, I’m at work. I can’t have sexy pictures on my computer screen.

  • I actually enjoy the fact this list exists, that means we’ve gone mainstream and now Paul Steely White is eligible to be on TMZ. Seriously, congratulations to all those that made the list, but obviously no one has been coming by our offices, where I would have put the entire staff of Livable Streets (except for myself) up there. Where’s the love? WHERE’S THE LOVE?!

  • Marty Barfowitz
  • When can we expect the Streetsblog list NYC’s 30 Most Misinformed Leaders About Transportation (and can we expect them to pose for photos?)

  • somebody

    greensT is correct.

    this is beyond superficial. don’t these folks have better things to do? bring back bar rafaeli!!!!!

  • someone else

    Umm right, lets just focus on the looks of wonky white people. And for a full view of PSW

  • I had heard Paul just edged out Lew Fidler.

  • yet someone else
  • fdr

    Sadik Khan will never make the list of shy people who hate seeing their names and pictures in the papers.

  • Now come on, Lew’s a good sport even if we may disagree with him sometimes. There’s no need to snicker at him.

  • yet someone else

    @ josh – my bad, i should have been clearer. i actually was snickering at psw’s poor showing in the polling action. lew is not exactly GQ worthy, but that is NOT what we are looking for in those involved in policy, right?

  • Someone needs to tell Paul that vests are so 2008

  • Unless of course they’re florescent and reflective. 😉

  • What? most beautiful? You need to get spectacles by the way! must be your own personal choice. that’s all.



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