Tonight: Support Major Ped and Bike Improvements at CB3 Meeting

allen_ped_plaza.jpgPedestrian plazas would reclaim six intersections connecting the Allen and Pike Street malls.

Apologies for the last-minute heads up, but livable streets supporters in Chinatown and the Lower East Side won’t want to miss this action at Community Board 3 tonight. A DOT project to expand pedestrian space and add center median protected bike paths to the Allen and Pike Street malls will be on the table at a meeting of the transportation committee. The plan also calls for new pedestrian plazas connecting the malls at six intersections, per DOT:

Allen/Pike Street Improvements, Manhattan
In 2009, DOT will improve pedestrian safety on Allen and Pike Streets from E. Houston Street to the water’s edge at South Street; while creating a pilot expansion and enhancement of the malls. In addition to widened malls, the plan includes new separated left turn lanes, new crossings between the malls, protected bicycle lanes located adjacent the current malls and new public spaces where the center malls will connect through six intersections.

Lots of intriguing graphics in this presentation [PDF].

The meeting starts at 6:30 tonight, at University Settlement, Speyer Hall (184 Eldridge Street between Rivington and Delancey).


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