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  • I think that making Kent go one way (north) would solve the problem with the bike paths, but maybe I’m missing something.

  • lee
  • Ryan Lee

    When I read “Twin Cities,” I think Minneapolis/St. Paul.

  • Ryan you are right,but the Met Council covers the region.

  • Re: idling, I also made the following comment on MTR:

    There is another, arguably more important anti-idling bill which deserves support: Int 881.

    Idling is one of those offenses about which people fret “there won’t be any enforcement.” Well, Int 881 addresses that in a very effective way, and is, I think, a linchpin in the goal of finally stopping the useless, constant spewing of poison into our air. It enables Traffic Enforcement Agents (”parking agents”), using their handheld ticket-writing computers, to issue idling summonses.

    Ask any NYC motorist: traffic agents are extremely–seemingly magically–reliable at issuing summonses. That is in contrast with patrol cops who generally don’t issues summonses for things like idling, and with DEP inspectors who are, when it comes to ticketing the thousands of vehicles that idle each day, impossibly scarce.

    Also, remember that idling is implicated in four deaths in this January alone: two toddlers in Chinatown and two young men in Queens.

    Surely idling rarely causes such immediate deaths, but these four people wouldn’t be dead without it. Why allow that risk? What good does idling do to warrant that risk?

    Demand fast action on Int 881.

    And I hope my crude attempts at html work.

  • Rhywun

    Will any of the idling bills do a thing to stop the long queue of *MTA buses* that stretches down both sides Trinity Place every day, pumping diesel exhaust directly into the Rector Street R/W subway station?

  • Veritas

    The killings of pedestrians get worse and worse. Will these drivers be charged with crimes?