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  • And most of that Brooklynian thread about the pedestrian who was struck at 8th and Carroll is off-base thanks to one of the first posters, whose second-hand account, contradicted by eyewitness claims on Brownstoner and Streetsblog, attributed blame to the victim:

    a pedestrian crossing between cars on Carroll above 8th ave was hit by a car turning from 8th ave onto carroll.

    Most other accounts had the vehicle heading up Carroll Street, and the pedestrian in the crosswalk. Yet the discussion ends up being as much about the dangers of jaywalking as anything else.

  • Davis

    These Brooklynian and Brownstoner threads are incredible. Why is it that these discussions always end becoming about jaywalking and bicyclist behavior? Frankly, it’s bizarre. The facts suggest that this SUV driver was careening up this street at extreme speed. What we know for sure is that one of our neighbors was randomly slaughtered in our neighborhood. It could have been you, me or anyone we know. And yet based on these online comments it appears that the people of Brownstone Brooklyn mostly empathize with the motorist. Its like these people have Stockholm Syndrome or something. Theyre held hostage by their cars as well as the ones being driven maniacally through their neighborhoods.

  • Rhywun

    RE: MTA Gets Real-Time Subway Location Display Up and Running

    “The [previously existing] electronic signs and announcements are based on a computer program that estimates train movements based on a set schedule, which means they sometimes can be wrong.”

    In other words, the existing signs and announcements are absolutely useless. I guess the new system is welcome, but how many years (decades?) before the rest of us not on the L line can join in the fun?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Thank god someone can always point out the dark cloud inside the silver lining on MTA issues. Helps encourage the rest of our society to pour resources into mass transit the way they have been for the last decade.