Today’s Headlines

  • Rep. DeFazio: Obama Advisor Larry Summers Behind Shrinking Transit Stimulus (Think Progress)
  • Mothers of Preschoolers Killed in Chinatown Van Crash Demand Justice (News)
  • Memorial for Young Victims Grows on East Broadway (NYT)
  • One Week After Handling Record Ridership, DC Metro Faces Steep Service Cuts (DC Examiner)
  • NYC’s Parking Placard Crackdown, One Year On (Gotham Gazette)
  • Local Pols Still Have Plenty of Reserved On-Street Spaces (News)
  • Cabbies Debate Merits of Taxi-Sharing (NYT)
  • MTA Looking at Cashless Tolls for All of Its Crossings (NY1)
  • Portland’s Bike-Friendly Mayor Will Stay On After Sex-and-Lies Revelations (NYT)
  • More States May Adopt Idaho’s ‘Rolling Stop’ Bicycle Law (WashCycle via
  • Senator Gillibrand said yesterday that she, Paterson, Schumer and Clinton all “really want high-speed rail,” according to the Observer.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Moving down the food chain, car parts makers want a bailout.

    And California towns are bailing out car dealers.

    Nothing like having the government allocate capital to ossify past patterns. Meanwhile, Microsoft layoffs are reducing the demand for bicycles in Seattle.

  • anon

    Pedestrian safety segment coming on Brian Lehrer Show on

  • Cashless tolls should’ve been an area of focus YEARS ago.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    Here’s the link to the Gotham Gazette article:

  • Boris

    Last week I visited San Jose and Dallas for the first time. They are far more car-oriented than any city I’ve seen in the Northeast, and they have excellent, enormous highway systems. (And probably in part thanks to my money, too- per capita they clearly get more highway money than New York).

    In other words, they don’t need any transportation stimulus, because they are doing fine. So I don’t think it’s the size of the stimulus that matters, but where it goes. Using old formulas is just as bad as using old car-centric thinking. To bring the quality of transportation in New York up to Dallas’s level, proportionally to the number of users, will probably require the entire amount of transportation stimulus offered to the entire nation.

  • Rhywun

    RE: Local Pols Still Have Plenty of Reserved On-Street Spaces

    It’s no wonder that these folks lording it over us are so out-of-touch.

  • Rhywun

    RE: Cabbies Debate Merits of Taxi-Sharing

    This wouldn’t be an issue if we had a one-seat ride to the airport like, oh, almost every other city with rail. If Cleveland can do it, so can we!

  • Larry Littlefield

    Looks like another big test is coming for DOT.

    According to the current forecast, it’s going to snow Tuesday night, followed by a shift to freezing rain. And then it’s going to freeze. Just like in December.

    If they don’t get out there and plow the slush on the bridge bicycle/pedestrian paths before it freezes, the result is going to rock hard dangerous ice that they will be unable to clear for days.

    Perhaps this can be looked into in real time. It looks now I’ll take the subway Wedneday. I hope to be able to bike to work Thursday/Friday. It’s up to DOT.