Want a Seat on Your Community Board? There’s Still Time.

If you want to join a Manhattan community board and haven’t yet filed an application, you have until tomorrow. Manhattan has the earliest (and by far the most well-publicized) deadline of the five boroughs, so no need to panic if you intend to apply elsewhere.

As regular readers know, community boards often represent the front lines in the battle for livable streets, and our neighborhoods desperately need more progressive voices at the board level — ideally, enough of them so that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Follow the jump for more dates and application links. Best of luck. 





Staten Island

  • is that right? i coulda swore brooklyn cb6 had a dec 31 application deadline.


  • Jeffrey Hymen

    paco, was that notice to join a CB6 committee as a non-board member?

  • nope… cause that notice went up on gowanus lounge a few days later.
    that deadline is today. maybe all the cb’s are not going by the same kind of calendar year or something?

  • Paco and Jeffrey,

    The Brooklyn info lists the only deadline that came from an individual CB, rather than the borough president’s office, so I suppose it’s possible that Brooklyn CBs have different dates, for some reason.

    We’ll follow up on this.

  • According to Marty Markowitz’s office, the application deadline for all Brooklyn CBs is not February 13, but February 14. A little odd, as it’s a Saturday.

    This apparently conflicts with other info, so it might be a good idea to call your Brooklyn CB to verify.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    The applications are written by the borough president’s office, are submitted to the borough president’s office for review and when appointments are made, the borough president makes them. If any community board is setting deadlines for applying to join, they have delusions of grandeur…something I would not find at all surprising at Community Board 6.

  • Assangelurdy

    Is it possible to contact administration?
    Hope for no silence
    bye bye ;))

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