Today’s Headlines

  • City Council Members Push to Weaken Parking Enforcement (NYT, News, Post)
  • Vincent Gentile Is Leading the Anti-Enforcement Charge for Brooklyn’s Car Owners (News)
  • Brooklyn DWI Arrests Increased in 2008; Parking Tickets? They Declined 8.8% (News)
  • House Republican Leader: No Stimulus Funding for Bike Paths (BCT via
  • Green Stimulus Ideas: Transit Subsidies, Pay-As-You-Go Car Insurance Incentives (TPM)
  • MTA Sustainability Report Filled With ‘Gobbledygook’ Says NYT Transit Reporter (City Room)
  • Petitioners Around the City Protest MTA Service Cuts (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • NYT Op-Ed: L.I.’s Immigrant Cyclists Are Vulnerable, That’s Just the Way It Is
  • City’s Parking Placard Crackdown Has Nabbed Thousands Since April (Post)
  • Enviros Fear Inaugural Train Trip Could Be Eco-Hazard (CNN)
  • brent

    I’m glad to see that dumb NYT Op-Ed posted. I couldn’t find the point to this except, maybe, if you hit and kill a cyclist, please stay at the crash scene because the person you just killed or maimed might just be a hard working immigrant who would have preferred to have a car like “normal” people, but can’t because he is just too darn poor.

  • J. Mork

    I have no problem with a 5-minute parking grace period, provided that there is first an across-the-board 5-minute reduction in time allowed to park.

  • mike

    Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth recommending against train travel? Just goes to show you how national so-called “environmental groups” just aren’t getting it yet.

  • Carice

    That NYT op-ed was really aggravating. Anyone should be able to ride their bicycle safely- immigrant or not, and the idea that only the “underclass” rides bicycles for transportation and therefore we don’t have to really pay attention to them, is unfortunately a powerful negative stereotype. I will say that poor cyclists are much more likely to be riding without lights or reflective gear in the dark.

  • I don’t have saved or bookmarked anywhere any of the studies that show that widening roads ends up ironically increasing congestion, but perhaps some of you who do can pass them on to Boehner’s office?

  • Rhywun

    No, there wasn’t much point to the NYT op-ed other than making a couple observations about Long Island’s apparent hostility towards both bicyclists and immigrants–neither of which is terribly surprising, frankly. I don’t think any larger “statement” was intended.

  • Greenpeace’s argument against the inaugural train trip is a paranoid and myopic reading of environmental ‘risk scenarios.’ Yes, Greenpeace, let’s have them take puddle jumper flights to each of these towns–then there will be no life-harming or planet-destroying chemicals will be emitted into the air…

  • While we’re amending laws to make breaking them legal, I’d like to amend the turnstile jumping laws to exclude people that plan to be on the train for less than ten minutes. While we’re at it, why don’t we also amend littering and pooper scooper laws to exempt “deposits” of less than 4oz? If you have a good excuse go to court and make your case. You got a ticket because you were supposed to move your car and you didn’t.

  • on the nytimes op-ed, it is a wretched editorial that demonstrates the bankrupt ideology of the suburbs (here Long Island), the cars-only mindset, and a classism and racism that persists through and is wielded by the suburban automotive set, i.e. by not even considering the possibility of changing their infrastructure to benefit those who cannot afford vehicles now and for their own selves who may have to increasingly rely on public and active transportation options as energy prices climb, peak oil, etc etc.

  • Steve Faust

    This was sent to the NY Times about their “Killer Bike Editorial Policy”
    The Times has had an anti bike editorial policy for over 30 years. This commentary is more of the same.

    Accident – What Accident?!?
    “Police said that the collision may or may not have been an accident,…”
    “… a car going at least 80 miles per hour on Route 111 in Central Islip hit a bicyclist, …”

    This was no accident. The correct term is a crash.

    This commentary is written on the editorial page, not reported on the news page; the Times can go beyond reporting the “facts” as “interpreted” by the local police. Larry Downes has the ability to “editorialize” about the situation on this page, and he has – it’s all the cyclists fault.

    The car was traveling above 80 miles per hour where there are no roads legal above 55 MPH – this was a deliberate crash and no accident. The only question should be whether this crash was homicide or manslaughter, not whether this was an “accident”!

    Long Island has too few shoulders and bike lanes, but worse, there is the overriding attitude among drivers and police and courts that cyclists don’t belong here and have no rights and we would all be better off if cyclists would just curl up and go away.

    Auto Uber Alles?

  • Wretched indeed. I felt like my head was floating away when Downes clarified in p2 that suburban bicycling is perfectly suitable as long as you are white and a prick—all according to “the driver’s gaze”. I’m afraid I can’t tell if his use of that particular expression is ironic or just ignorant.

  • What on Earth is that NYT guy going on about?

    “Immigrants ask for little more than the opportunity to work so they can send money home. Their lives are quiet but precarious, in a place that accepts their labor but offers little warmth or welcome.”

    I’ve never sent money home. My life is neither quiet nor precarious. The office I work in is very warm and welcoming.

    I’m obviously not included in this guy’s definition of “immigrants”. What am I then, chopped liver??

    Or does “immigrant” these days include an implied “illegal”?

  • For Downes at least, “immigrant” may not include an implied “illegal,” but it seems to include an implied “Hispanic.” Considering the diversity of the immigrant population on Long Island … wow.

  • Lee Watkins

    as if driving a car is totally safe. from the op-ed you’d think nobody ever gets injured in a car going 80 miles an hour. and it’s not like anyone ever died from the health effects of insufficient daily exercise paired with a daily dose of crappy takeout. oh, no. nothing bad ever happens to suburban car drivers. Like they are so protected. what bullshit.