Today’s Headlines

  • No Transit Strike This Time: MTA and TWU Agree to Binding Arbitration (NYT, NY1)
  • Queens Pol’s Campaign Driver — License Suspended — Hits and Kills Child (NYT, News, Post)
  • Brennan Center: Malcolm Smith and Dem Conference Can Reform State Senate (News)
  • Martin Malave Dilan Is the New State Senate Transpo Committee Chair (Daily Politics)
  • Nassau County DA Doesn’t Water Down Charges Against DWI Killers (60 Minutes)
  • Oregon Gov Pushes for VMT Tax (Corvallis Times via Planetizen)
  • Traffic Agent Vehicles Giving Traffic Agents a Bad Name in the Bronx (News)
  • Ex-MTA Board Member Clings to Rescinded Parking Placard (News)
  • Cap’n Transit: Jerrold Nadler the ‘Transit Candidate’ for Clinton’s Senate Seat
  • Resolving Not to Get in a Car in 2009 (Car-Free USA via
  • Re Ex-MTA Board Member Clings to Rescinded Parking Placard (News):

    If memory serves, the self-entitled ex-board member, Alan Friedberg, 20 years ago snarkiliy presided over an Upper East Side community forum ostensibly dedicated to pedestrian safety but actually targeted against “killer-bicyclists.” (This was before “Killed By Automobile” and other activism had fully documented the extent of pedestrian car-nage in NYC.) Our audience contingent of cyclists made our points with Q&A and some good-humored heckling, but Friedberg’s closed-mindedness toward cars’ and drivers’ endangerment of pedestrians rankles me to this day.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Today is the second day this winter I chose to take the subway rather than ride a bicycle due to the weather.

    The first day was due to a windchill less than zero and icy bridges. Today was due to heavy, steady rain in the AM commute (no problem in the PM, or if I can avoid it by varying my commute time slightly).

    Given that weather is a reason commonly cited for the impracticality of bike commuting, perhaps this should be kept track of.