Today’s Headlines

  • Auto Industry Faces Across-the-Board Dive in New Car Sales (NYT)
  • Albany Has Until March 25 to Address MTA Budget Gap (NY1)
  • Op-Ed: Drivers Should Pay More Than What Ravitch Plan Asks For (Chelsea Now)
  • UK Debates Safety Merits of Automatically Limiting Vehicle Speeds (BBC)
  • More on the TLC’s Safety-Monitoring Camera Program (City Room)
  • CB1 Chair Won’t Explain Why Transpo Committee’s Teresa Toro Got Sacked (Bklyn Paper)
  • MTR Reviews New York’s Year in Transportation
  • Cap’n Transit Looks at Potential Midtown Tunnel Bus Routes
  • Remember How the MTA Spent Its Surplus? (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Columbus Aims to Become America’s Next Great Biking City (Car Less Ohio via
  • Larry Littlefield

    Columbus — perhaps that’s where the young (including my own kids) can move and not get ripped off. No transit, but the metro area is small enough to be bikable, and who says we’ll have transit here?

    Ohio has, in reality, been in severe recession since 2000, non-stop. But their budget problems are less than ours!

  • Re. “UK Debates Safety Merits of Automatically Limiting Vehicle Speeds”:

    I don’t like it. Anything that encourages drivers to pay less attention to what they’re doing or what’s going on around them is a bad thing.