Stay Tuned for the 2008 Streetsies…


We’re going offline as we compile our 2008 year-end Streetsblog awards. If you’d like to nominate someone or something for a coveted Streesie, submit your idea here in the comments section. It’s not too late. Here are last year’s Streetsie winners to jog your memory.

From all of us at Streetsblog and the Livable Streets Network, have a nice break and good luck getting out of town if you’re flying. We wish you a transit-oriented economic recovery in 2009.

  • I \v/ NY

    -JSK and the broadway pedestrian paradise.
    this is the project that showed that new york had changed. it showed that officials now care about improving the pedestrian experience and now realize that auto lanes can be put to better use. this project also i think made people take note of the all the bike/pedestrian lane improvements that had been completed throughout the city.

    -jan gehl’s work in NYC and seattle this year.

  • Teresa Toro deserves it. She’s not an elected official, but rather a true activist from the community that fought tirelessly to better the streets of community board 1, from the bedford ave bike swap to the kent ave bike lane (which IS great and must remain intact until we have a greenway path). There are plenty of others fighting out cause, but I’d like to see Teresa Toro recognized.

  • I think Yassky should be recognized this year as biggest turncoat. Guy makes a speech at the TA Holiday Party, then a few days later completely gives up on Kent Ave.

    Teresa Toro definitely deserves recognition for her work, we’ll happily take her in Queens.

  • vnm

    – DOT & MTA for implementing the first of hopefully many Bus Rapid Transit routes.

    – All the under-appreciated officers who enforce the city’s parking regulations, particularly Andre T. Strothers, who reportedly identified 227 parking violators in five hours.

  • “Andre T. Strothers, who reportedly identified 227 parking violators in five hours.”

    Give than man a medal! Wow.

  • Doug

    Janette Sadik-Khan. She should be the Katharine Hepburn or Tom Hanks of the Streetsies, winning year after year!

  • Mike

    Or perhaps Primeggia, for his last year of troglodyte obstructionism.

  • I \v/ NY

    can we give one to lew fidler again?

  • I nominate the new bicycle markings along Bay Street in Staten Island as the most misguided and useless new cycle markings in the city.


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