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  • Larry Littlefield

    In other news, it’s going to snow tomorrow.

    I haven’t bicycled to work in that weather. How feasible is in for a nine mile ride each way? Anyone else plan on bike commuting?

  • Barnard

    To support the Kent bike lanes, send a fax to the Mayor at:

  • Hi Larry,

    It depends on where you’re biking from/to. The city is very good about keeping major streets clear of snow. I think it’s often easier to bike on the streets than to try to walk on the unshoveled sidewalks. (Except that the trucks can create drifts on the edge of the roadway where we bikers ride.)

    The bridges are another story. There’s usually some lag between the time the roads are cleared and the bridges are cleared. Personally, I love riding in a couple inches of freshly fallen snow, but the wood planks on the Brooklyn Bridge can be treacherous if you make any sudden steering adjustments.


  • Larry Littlefield

    “The wood planks on the Brooklyn Bridge can be treacherous if you make any sudden steering adjustments.”

    I would have to go over the bridges, but I’d be more worried about trucks skidding into me.

  • Peter Flint

    If you do ride, leave plenty of time and ride conservatively. It will definitely take longer. But don’t ride if you’re uncomfortable with it. It’s great to ride as much as we can, but only if you’re comfortable with it.

  • Rhywun

    Man, I am getting sick of hit and runs. This one is just a few blocks from me.

  • vnm

    It’s OK to park illegally if you’re dressed up as Santa … visiting a loved one … just stopping in for a second to buy a lotto ticket. There are a million excuses for parking illegally that all admit to the committing infraction itself but claim that it’s “OK” because of a tangential facts. With what other crime is that acceptable?

    Can you imagine someone saying: “Give me a break! I just jumped a turnstile because I was on the way to visit an orphanage!”

    You never hear those kind of sob stories.

  • Brooklyn

    Larry, it also depends on your choice of tire. Right now, I have a stable of only road racing bikes, so no riding in slushy crap for me. If I had a ‘cross bike or a mtn bike, there would be no problem with equipment.

    Snowmelt or slush with road salt is quickly corrosive on bike parts, though, even beater bikes. A nine-mile ride will mean a lot of exposure to the bearings in your bottom bracket, wheels, and headset. The bike will need a thorough washing when you get home.