We Are the Community Board Cranks We’ve Been Waiting For

If you want to see more of this, and less of this, at the community board level, Transportation Alternatives is making it easier to apply for a spot on your own neighborhood CB.

Next Monday, November 24, TA will host the "Community Board Join-Up Jammy-Jam" at the offices of The Open Planning Project. There will be snacks, drinks, and short presentations on community board membership (and "why it rocks"). TA staffers will be on hand to field questions, along with a notary to make your app official.

RSVP (through Monday) to Elena at volunteer[at]transalt[dot]org or 646-873-6036.

WHAT: Community Board Join-Up Jammy-Jam

WHERE: The Open Planning Project,
349 W 12th St, #3 (1st Floor), Manhattan

WHEN: Monday, November 24, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

If you can’t make the party, or want to get a head start, application info for all boroughs is after the jump.





Staten Island

  • GAPCo

    what a great idea – as a community board member, I would love to see more direct involvement from the livable streets community.

  • Kudos to Transportation Alternatives for encouraging community board membership!

    We at Brooklyn Community Board 14 look forward to continuing to work with TA to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and a healthier environment for all of our residents.

    Alvin Berk
    Brooklyn Community Board 14

  • Mark

    We are the next NRA

  • Alvin,

    T.A. also looks forward to working with CB14 in the future.

    Unfortunately, we haven’t received any “Jammy Jam” RSVPs from CB14’s district, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some of the Sustainable Flatbush folks will join as public members in 2009. This group has great ideas and are super motivated. Please don’t hesitate to forward this posting/invite to any Flatbush residents that are interested in CB membership.

    Thank you again for inviting me to speak at CB14 this past month; it was a pleasure to meet you, Doris and the rest of the board.



  • If anywhere needs this Queens needs this. I know I’ll be there, I hope all the other Queens Streetbloggers do the same.

    Also CB2 in Queens is actually very short on members, they don’t even have a transportation committee, so if you are served by them I bet you have a better than average chance to get selected.

  • LM

    I can’t make the party but am contemplating applying for a spot on my CB2 in Queens (thanks for the info Heffron!) For all the Queens residents, you can call 718-286-2900 and the nice woman on the other end will take down your address and mail you an application if you can’t get to Kew Gardens in person during business hours.

  • Wiley

    Nice job Heff!
    In addition to helping get your applications together, T.A. is happy to help set up a meeting with your City Council Member and Borough President, who make the decisions about who gets on the board. Just like a personal visit when you’re applying to college, it gives your candidacy a little more umph.

  • Seriously, we can comment all we want on Streetsblog about how this should be better and why did they do things that way.

    You wanna have a say on the design? You think you have a better idea? You probably do – but you have to get involved to have an effect.

    Or you can keep complaining that no one listens to the suggestions that you make in the comments sections of online blogs… 🙂

  • Robert Mack

    I think I might just go for a Queens CB1 Spot.

  • James

    I’m coming by tonight. I spoke to a rep from Bronx CB 8 (Riverdale/Kingsbridge) and there are several vacancies on the board. I’m looking forward to putting my money where my mouth is if I can get an appointment.


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