Buy One Albatross, Get One Free!


Detroit’s customer incentives have had an air of desperation for a while. With Big Three bankruptcy looking more likely every day, some dealers — like this one in Pembroke Pines, Florida — are venturing into liquidation sale territory (and then some).

You read that right: Two Dodge Rams for the price of one. Tow the second one off the lot. Everything must go!

  • Larry Littlefield

    They’re competing with the liquidation sale of everything owned by everyone who works in construction in Florida.

  • Streetsman

    Pretty sad, but eventually you have to pay the piper. The auto industry has no one to blame but themselves.

  • Ow, my eyes. Make this a thumbnail or something!

  • Is that second one mandatory?

  • Toss in three years’ worth of free gas and I’m all over it. Perfect solution if NYC imposes odd-even license plate days in the CBD.

  • “…if NYC imposes odd-even license plate days in the CBD.”

    Great idea!

  • andrew

    is this another interpretation of “Mass Transit”?

  • Philip

    Oh God I can’t wait until one of you bicycle riders have to make a long distance trip and there are no cars. Oh so you’ll take a train or a plane. Good luck if the trip is under a hundred miles and there’s no rail service and certainly no plane service… Oh there’s the bus. Actually it’s your smugness that really irritates me. Schadenfreude I understand. Cutting off your nose to spite your face as the economy plunges is just plain dumb, immature and irrational.

  • Oh God I can’t wait until one of you bicycle riders have to make a long distance trip and there are no cars.

    You know, lots of us have no cars now and we make long distance trips just fine. Assuming that bus and train service will continue to be shitty if nobody has cars is just plain dumb, immature and irrational.

  • poncho

    i’m assuming the next step is taking brand new cars straight to the scrapper?

  • MrManhattan

    “Oh God I can’t wait until one of you bicycle riders have to make a long distance trip and there are no cars.”

    This doesn’t make any sense. If there were no cars, I would suspect that bicycle riders would be far less inconvenienced than car drivers, since presumably, bicycle riders would still have their bicycles.

  • A lot of bicycle haters out here. I drive a yellow cab, but I’ve got a whole lot of respect for 2 wheelers. Some day we will be forced to say goodbye to the petroleum vehicle. Won’t last forever. Industry reps got the balls to fly into DC on private jets but they ain’t got the guts to transform production from gas tank to renewable or recycled (bio-diesel).

  • MisterBadExample

    Actually, this is the perfect rescue plan for all the ARM victims. Buy two RAM trucks–drive to work in one, put the other one up on blocks and live in it.

  • mcas

    I am currently visiting the family in Pembroke Pines, FL– and my dad was just at the Toyota dealership trying to trade in his 1992 Toyota for a Prius… and was refused getting his keys back for over 20 minutes until he pretended he was feeling woozy from diabetes… Desperation is a bitch.


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