Today’s Headlines

  • Big Service Cuts on the Table at Thursday’s MTA Board Meeting (News)
  • Exxon Chief: Hydrocarbons Are Here to Stay (NYT)
  • Public Isn’t Rallying Behind GM, UAW (NYT)
  • Memo to GM: Redeem Yourself, Help Restore Transit Systems (Common Dreams)
  • Senate Will Lose Major Pro-Transit Voice If Hillary Clinton Is Named Secretary of State (News)
  • Bloomberg Admin Eager to Discuss Commuter Tax With Albany (NY1)
  • Rider Grades for 7 and L Lines Hold Steady (NYT, NY1)
  • Brooklyn Electeds in a Huff Over Two-Way Hanson Place (Bklyn Paper)
  • Blaming the Victim: Rise in SF Traffic Deaths Seen as Liability for Ped/Bike Activists (SF Chron)
  • Planet-Spanning Smog Clouds Dim the Sun Across Asia (TreeHugger)
  • momos

    Buried in the Times today in an article about the $400 property tax rebate:

    Mr. Bloomberg, for his part, appeared to be abandoning the idea, speaking to reporters after meetings in Washington on infrastructure with members of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team and with Congressional leaders.

    Sounds intriguing. Would love to hear more about what was discussed at the meeting.

  • While the Senate might lose a pro-transit voice if Clinton were named Secretary of State, that could certainly be alleviated by a well-chosen replacement by Paterson, who would seem to also be pro-transit.

    Re. “Exxon Chief: Hydrocarbons Are Here to Stay”:
    In other news, the CEO of the Tropicana Corporation says that orange juice is both delicious AND nutritious!

    Re. the NY1 article “Bloomberg Admin Eager to Discuss Commuter Tax With Albany”:
    The article says, “Just last spring the state Legislature defeated Bloomberg’s “congesting pricing” proposal, which was in effect a commuter tax.” NO. It was, if anything, a CAR commuter tax. Thousands of people who commute by train would not have been effected.

    Re. “Brooklyn Electeds in a Huff Over Two-Way Hanson Place”:
    Changing a street from one-way to two-way without (apparently) telling anyone about it is pretty darn stupid.

  • Okay, so Clinton has made a couple of nice speeches about transit, but what has she actually done?

  • Tod

    Josh – as mentioned elsewhere, DOT presented the changes to the CB and circulated them to local electeds as well.