TA: Zoning Great for Tomorrow; Bike Access Can Improve Today

From a statement released by Transportation Alternatives in response to this morning’s bike parking announcement (emphasis added):

Transportation Alternatives applauds the Bloomberg Administration’s announcement that
the zoning code will now require indoor bicycle parking at all new office and apartment
buildings. In enabling future New Yorkers to undertake zero emission commutes, this is a
large and necessary step towards a more sustainable city. It also makes good economic
sense, as more and more tenants are demanding bicycle access so their workers can take
advantage of this green, low-cost commuting alternative.

Even if the fortunes of the building industry improve, however, it will take decades for this
new code to have a meaningful impact. Therefore the City must also act to enable bicycle
access in the stock of existing buildings, which will still comprise at least 85% of New
York City’s building stock in 2030.
Most commercial building operators refuse bicycles
access, even when the tenant has space set aside for bike parking in his or her office.

“Mayor Bloomberg’s push for indoor bike parking in the zoning code is an investment in
the future. We need to match it with bicycle access to the office buildings of today,” says
Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives.

Legislation that would require existing commercial buildings to allow bicycles through
their doors has long sat idle in City Council. It is critical that the Council pass legislation
recognizing that in buildings throughout the city, bicycle space set aside by building
tenants is not being used because building owners and managers are prohibiting workers
from bringing their bicycles through front, side and even back doors and freight elevators.
While it is unreasonable to require all owners of existing buildings to immediately set
aside rentable space for bicycle parking, buildings should immediately be required to
allow their tenants bicycle access to their own space.


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