Today’s Headlines

  • Car Makers, UAW to Plead With Pelosi for More Government Assistance (NYT)
  • Obama Team Considers ‘National Listening Tour’ on Energy and the Environment (Grist)
  • More Dispatches From Tuesday’s Obama Revelry in NYC Streets (City Room, Bklyn Paper)
  • Hoping for a New Era of Transit Investment (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Jeff Klein Backs Malcolm Smith to Lead State Senate, While GOP Tries to Keep Control (Post)
  • Intrepid Investigators at CW11 Go After Parking Agents
  • National Trend: Bike Racks as Public Art (USA Today Via Planetizen)
  • NYT Makes Walkability a Selling Point in Real Estate Profile of NJ Town
  • NJ Turnpike Widening Comes Under Fire from Transportation Planners (MTR)
  • Larry Littlefield

    Understand what is going on here. What is being bailed out by allowing the auto companies to avoid Chapter 11 is the pensions of those who get to retire at 55, with unlimited health care (needed or not) at an unlimited tax-subsidized cost, the investments of Cerebus Capital Management, and executive pay.

    Meanwhile, people are already saying that “due to circumstances beyond our control” universal health insurance cannot be afforded. Meaning all those 50-somethings getting laid off will go bankrupt if they get sick, and will find it impossible to get a job because smaller companies cannot afford the hit to their age distrubution for health insurance purposes.

    A picture accompanying the Times article on the capture of the State Senate by the Democrats had the sign 10/55 next to a newly elected Democrat who was speaking. I nearly had a heart attack. Fortunately, that is the number of a TV station, not the next pension enhancement.

    All those post-1998 pension enhancements and all those post-1994 debts take priority over ANY public services or benefits. People will be allowed to starve, and the infrastructure to collapse, before any senior citizen gives up anything.

  • Saw the CW11 piece. The amount of animosity and bias was amazing. Windshield perspective at its worst.

  • Re: Parking agents
    Talk about sensationalistic journalism! If I had to listen to the words “hard-earned tax dollars” one more time, I was going to vomit.

  • J. Mork

    Unfortunately, the CW11 comments-posting form seems to be broken, so we can’t even tell them how we feel.

  • What is wrong the “gang of four” rogue democrats in the Senate? Please, fall into line and take away control from the Republicans! I want to tear my hair out.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “What is wrong the “gang of four” rogue Democrats in the Senate? Please, fall into line and take away control from the Republicans!”

    There is only one party in Albany. I vote against it every time I’m given an opportunity, but because few others care no matter how much damage they do, it doesn’t make a difference.

  • Ian Turner

    New York State Democratic Legislative Agenda:
    1) Give more money to public employees, especially via more generous pensions.
    2) Do more to discourage options in healthcare.
    3) Fight creation of new charter schools.
    4) Encourage driving by cutting tolls.

    Supposedly, they have also agreed to do the following, although nobody believes it since they didn’t follow up on the same promises with respect to the Assembly:
    1) Independent redistricting
    2) Open voting
    3) Fewer member items.

    The only real advantage of having one party in charge is that they won’t be able to blame the other when things go sour.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “The only real advantage of having one party in charge is that they won’t be able to blame the other when things go sour.”

    That could be a big advantage at the federal level. In New York State, we don’t have elections, except for Governor and Mayor.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Okay! Change topics!

    Read Comments in “Bike Racks as Public Art.”

    These “bike racks” are near useless. The first one pictured doesn’t even look like a rack and has many bumps to scratch at your bike if you could even get in between the waves.

    I know people mean well but it obvious that these rack designers don’t ride and also don’t have a clue about the APBP bicycle rack standards. I’ve never seen such stupidity in Europe. Over there they just install normal bike racks and often make them look cool while being entirely functional.