Name That Bus Route: SKIRT Takes the Shirt

dsc058511.jpgThere weren’t a lot of entries, but what contestants in Streetfilms’ first-ever t-shirt contest lacked in quantity, they made up for in pithiness. 

Inspired by the Boulder, Colorado transit system, Clarence Eckerson challenged the Streetfilms audience to come up with zingy names for New York bus routes. He writes:

For sheer ferociousness, I really loved Susan Donovan’s JUGGERNAUT. It made me want to ride that bus and become all powerful. Rex’s dig at Speaker Silver’s SHELLY was particularly inventive; as for CjStephens calling the M15 BREATHLESS, I could feel the air literally escaping my lungs.  

But in the end as our winner, I am going with galfromdownunder’s SKIRT — as a bus that would run in the Garment District. Something about that felt so right when I read it – entertaining, descriptive, playful and very much fit the mold with the way Boulder names its themed-buses. Congrats to Lynette Chang who is behind the galfromdownunder moniker.

We agree with Clarence on the overall quality of entries, but we were especially impressed with Rex, who not only gave us The Shelly ("The silver buses on this route are instantly recognizable since the
buses do not have any doors, they only provide the illusion of service."), but also The Brodsky ("These 1950’s style buses only operate in reverse."), The Wiener ("These buses make a tremendous amount of noise and smoke, but don’t actually move."), and The Bloomberg ("Buses on this route can move very quickly, but they
have no fixed route and you cannot find out where they are going until
you get there."). Priceless.

Looking forward to the next contest, Clarence. 

  • rex

    I hemmed & hawed about submitting that comment. I felt bad about corrupting a noble cause, Clarence is such positive force, but I am kinda good at being a cynical bastard and I could not help myself.

    One more bus, the Rex Line: A cool sexy route that runs the club circuit with leggy super models piloting pedicabs. Too bad it only runs from 5:00 am to 7:00 am on Mondays. If only he could use his powers for good.

    Clarence, I owe you a brewed beverage (fermented or not).

  • Damn, I wonder what the Clarence Line would do?

    Yeah, I loved your suggestions Rex! I think it would have won as the overall entry since the QT was so high!!

  • Wow, danke.
    I’m actually a bit embarrassed, I think Rex’s ideas were way better, the Wiener was a classic. I hope I didn’t get it just because Clarence has an ancient Bike Friday that broke, and was about to ditch it when I told him it had a lifetime warranty … what’s that called … t-shirts for the Gals?

  • rex

    Clarence, you are not a bus line, you are light rail. The Clarence line runs from ciclovia to ciclovia daily in each of the five boroughs, (even Jersey on full moons). The fair is a smile and an open mind. It has a purple a dance car, with hardwood floors, Samba lessons, and a margarita machine in the corner.


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