Today’s Headlines

  • Obama, McCain Stick to Talking Points on Energy, Climate, and ‘Foreign Oil’ Dependence (Grist)
  • Pay Increases Snag MTA Talks With TWU (News)
  • Port Authority Unveils Redesign for GW Bridge Bus Depot (Post)
  • Shared Space Streets Arrive in the U.S. (New Urban News via Planetizen)
  • SI Pedestrian Suffers Serious Head Injury in Car Collision (SI Live)
  • Only Half the Cars Parked in Columbus Park Are Registered to Judges (News)
  • In Missouri, Sticking With the Bike Commute After Gas Prices Fall (NPR)
  • From Freeway Wasteland to Greenway and Parkland on the West Side (NYT)
  • New York City Cycle Chic (NYT)
  • Evolution of the NYC Street Sign (Ephemeral NY)
  • Larry Littlefield

    They may talk about foreign oil, but unless they are willing to say prices have to be kept high, they are full of it.

    Cheap imported oil is always the easy way in the short run, no matter how much damage it does to our environment, economy and national security in the long run. And given the values of so many Americans, no one is interested in the long run.

    Yesterday there was an article about the fall in oil prices encouraging Americans to turn back to SUVs. Drill drill drill? Not in the U.S. if oil prices are low, as reported here.

    In addition to conservation and domestic fossil fuels, forget about alternative energy if prices get lower.

    Impose a tax that rises as the price falls to keep prices high, on the other hand, and conservation, domesitic fossil fuels, and alternatives all happen by themselves, through the action of tens of millions of consumers and investors and millions of businesses and other organizations.

    But the competitors for panderer in chief can’t say that.

  • I thought the “New York City Cycle Chic” article in the times was really really myopic and limited. It seems more like some kind of “look rich people can ride bikes too” piece than something about the different kinds of bikes you’ll see in this city. And the variety and diversity of bikers in our city is such an exciting topic!

    They list only 4 kinds of bike “style and a sensibility.”


    And that’s it! Clearly, this article on “style” has more than a few glaring omissions. For example: the popularity of BMX bikes in the Bronx and Brooklyn, the styles of various delivery bikers which range from “pure utility” to what can only be described as “muscle bikes” — they also left out the famous chromed Art-Bikes decked with Puerto Rican flags that can be seen on hot summer days on the Grand Concourse.

    They left out the many older gentlemen who have an obsession with older road bikes and who think it is a crime to replace any of the parts with anything but original vintage parts. “Vintage Bike gal” might be homage to that but why should she get all the credit? I see these guys in Harlem all the time. They are so cute with their track suits and Kangol hats.

    They left out hard-core commuters who ride in snow and sleet and through the dark of winter from the deep outer boroughs– with their review mirrors, leg straps and blinkin’ lights. They’ll say it’s not a “style”… but it IS.

    In other words, they left out everyone who lives north of 86th street. Again. I give it a D- !

  • J. Mork

    Street signs: does anyone have a picture of the “ALL TRAFFIC EXCEPT BICYCLES” sign at Broadway and Warren St. (at the entry to the City Hall Park / Brooklyn Bridge bike connector path)?

  • Good point Susan! I was prepared to disagree with any substantial argument, because it was in the style section, but you’re right that they could have expanded their search a lot further and gotten even more compelling photos out of it. Oh well. By the way everybody that is NOT ME in photo #1. And I thank rider #2 for giving me a word to describe my manner of getting to work: lollipop-riding. I’m sure he makes good use of the 1 minute that he gets to soho faster than me. And I will say that I think fixies and their riders can be cute, but it’s unfortunate that they take themselves so seriously.

  • “And I will say that I think fixies and their riders can be cute, but it’s unfortunate that they take themselves so seriously.”

    Har har har. True enough.

    I’m just sad they didn’t include these guys:

    That’s the first thing that pops in to my mind when you say the words “bike” and “style.” The people who write the style section need to get out more.

  • And what about these guys!

    BMX they are taking over the skate parks.

  • Anyone intrigued by the PR Schwinn Club and the many other clubs like it ion the Bronx (as am I) should hit the Tour de Bronx this weekend–online registration closes at 11:59 p.m tonight!

    And Susan, you are so right about the diversity out there that this article missed.

  • Tour de Bronx: I will be there!

    It looks like it’s going to be nice and cool with no rain.

    I wish we could do a REAL bike style feature here at streetsblog. One that covers more of the city– I love checking out peoples bikes and looking at the different set-up they have. It’s just so much fun.

  • Susan,

    We are going to do a Streetfilm short on Tour de Bronx. Make sure to seek us out. We’ll have handsome purple shirts on.

    ALso, you should post your JUGGERNAUT bus idea here:

    That was others can see the fun suggestions coming in for the contest.


  • jmc

    As soon as I hear the words “clean coal” coming from Obama’s mouth I reach for my traquilizers.

  • Some people have more money than sense. A Pinarello Prince for charity rides and pottering around in the park?? Gimme a break…

  • Steven O’Neill

    Bicycle style feature:

    (no connection to me — I’m just an admirer)