Eyes on the Street: MTA Trailer Planted on Broadway Sidewalk


For months, graffiti-laden MTA Capital Construction trailers have been parked curbside on Broadway north of Isham Street, in Inwood, presumably due to ongoing work on the A line. Yesterday we snapped this shot of one trailer’s new position, on the sidewalk alongside Isham Park.

Not to jump to conclusions, but given the lust for parking in Upper Manhattan, we wouldn’t be surprised if Capital Construction had received complaints about its trailers taking up precious on-street spots. Though we can think of no other reasonable explanation as to why the trailers would now be junking up a busy neighborhood sidewalk, we have a call in to the MTA press office just in case. (The "emergency" number on the trailer itself yielded no answer or voice mail box.)

More photos after the jump.


Broadway looking north. Isham Park is to the left.


The trailers’ former home …


… which also served as an impromptu dump site.

Photos: Brad Aaron

  • LN

    This Spring, I attended a community meeting (not a community board) in my ‘hood of Washington Heights and I complained directly to the commander of the 34th precinct in front of the crowd about the MTA contractors and trucks parking on the sidewalk and bike lane at the 175th street A train stop. He said he would look into it and the next night they were gone. Make the call!

  • ddartley

    All necessary roadway/sidewalk obstructions should be kept in the road rather than the sidewalk BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE DAMN PEDESTRIANS THAN MOTORISTS.

    It should be an established policy. Stop fucking pedestrians. Motorists are not more important.

  • CPP

    LN is writing about the monthly Precinct Community Council meetings held by each police Pct. They are attended by the precinct commander or executive officer and far more tolerable than community board meetings. Plus, the cops actually tend to follow-up on reasonable complaints. Call your pct or look online at http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/html/home/precincts.shtml and look-up your pct and the meeting time/location will be posted.

  • somebody

    @ CPP
    not sure if that is the same kind of meeting LN is talking about. this wash hts (or more accurately in this case the FT. wash nabe – not all or any really of wash hts is well rep’d) gathering is a meeting variably held at the ft. tryon or other area synagogues. i’m not clear of how involved the cops are though there are plenty on hand. it seems to be mostly run by a neighborhood civilian.


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