Today’s Headlines

  • Down to the Big Two in Detroit? GM and Chrysler May Merge (NYT)
  • Obama Stimulus Plan Would Double Loan Guarantees for Car Makers (NYT)
  • SUV Hits and Kills Pedestrian in Fresh Meadows (News)
  • T.A. Report Keeps Pressure on City to Enact Off-Street Parking Reform (Post)
  • In Westchester, No One Wants to Tell Seniors They Should Stop Driving (NYT)
  • Gas Prices Fall But Remain Higher Than Last Year (NY1)
  • Will Americans Stop Believing That Higher Gas Prices Are Here to Stay? (Time)
  • Howard Roberts Talks to 2nd Ave Sagas About the State of NYC Subways
  • Williamsburg Car Service Called Out for Reckless Driving (NYT)
  • NJ Turnpike Authority Votes to Raise Tolls (AP, MTR)
  • Larry Littlefield

    RE Oil prices — why won’t anyone ask about this at the debate?

    “The price of oil is falling. Is that a good thing? Doesn’t that mean anyone who invests building or buying in fuel efficient cars and appliances, alternative energy, or even expensive domestic drilling is a fool, because people will choose the easiest, cheapest way — imported oil?”

  • Even County Executive Andrew J. Spano shared the story of his father, who called to see if his politically connected son could arrange for the Department of Motor Vehicles to cut him some slack on his eye examination. Mr. Spano refused and then asked his father how he was managing to drive if he had trouble seeing.

    “And he says, ‘Your mother tells me what the sign says,’ ” Mr. Spano said. “I went to the house, and I took the keys away. He didn’t speak to me for two months.”

    And then he tried to take the bus, but I cut a million dollars from the bus budget. Because I’m not going to let my dad’s safety get in the way of our Westchester lifestyle!

  • James

    The Westchester Bee Line has some real problems. Back when I lived in Westchester, I had a week when my car broke down and I relied on Bee-Line and my bike to get everywhere (though never together, as Bee Line prohibits bikes on buses). I was late everywhere I went because it simply does not adhere to its printed schedule. With its huge headways and terrible on time performance, it’s pretty much everything a bus system shouldn’t be. Say what you will about NYC Transit, but the bus system here is far more functional and useful. It’s a shame that Bee Line is what it is because much of the county is too dense and congested to be truly suburban and auto friendly yet not really dense enough to make a fast-headway transit system viable. We’ll see if the Tappan Zee BRT network is able to find a way to make transit work.