Today’s Headlines

  • Larry Littlefield

    This shows how idiotic everything is. The MTA requires an additional $4-5 billion per year, or the system goes into deep decline, and as the Comptroller points out it will get no more federal, state or local money.

    Over on Bloomberg News is a report of New York City paying 9 percent interest on its debts. That would triple the interest on the MTA’s $24 billion in debt, much of which is variable rate. And more pension enhancements pass every year.

    Meanwhile, there is an article on the MTA paying $12 million per year for city services. Ahh, so THAT’s the problem.

    Lots of articles like that over the years, during the period where decisions, non-decisions and deals took place destroying our future. Where was everyone when all this was going on?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “The MTA has increased fares and tolls by 33.9 percent since 2002, which is 52 percent faster than the inflation rate. (If increases planned for 2009 and 2011 are enacted, fares and tolls will have outpaced inflation growth by 63 percent.)”

    Misleading statement. The MTA slashed NYC Transit fares from 1995 to 2002, as the Metrocard discounts were added. I believe the average fare paid is still lower than in 1995, WITHOUT adjusting for inflation.

    Also misleading, the assertion that the NYC Transit pensions are fully funded. Those books are cooked. And that does not include the cost of retiree health care.

  • Dave

    Sheldon Silver is trying to sound like a savior in championing the return of the commuter tax, but let us not forget his involvement in its 1999 repeal lead by Pataki and Bruno.

    We got rid of those two crooked cronies; Shelly should be next.

    Between the demise of the commuter tax and Congestion Pricing, Shelly has cost this city billions and billions. Time to give him the boot. Any update on how the investigation into his ethics is going?

  • Boris

    “The suit claims that hybrid fuel-efficient vehicles were not built to withstand the heavy use that city cabs endure, and are unsafe for use in city streets.”

    You gotta love the hypocrisy. It’s OK for cabbies to use their tank-like vehicles as weapons, but when they are forced to use the same cars everyone else drives, they sue? Whenever I drive in Manhattan I have to give cabbies the right of way- even when they don’t signal- because in a collision my car will be utterly destroyed.

    If anything, it’s the Crown Victorias that are unsafe for use on city streets.

  • Here is my discussion of the $14.5 billion Tappan Zee boondoggle, and the Riverkeeper’s campaign. Please don’t let yourselves be led astray by the promise of (ooo!) BRT on the replacement bridge, and keep perspective.

  • Jason A

    “The suit claims that hybrid fuel-efficient vehicles were not built to withstand the heavy use that city cabs endure, and are unsafe for use in city streets.”

    Maybe if cabbies stopped accelerating into red lights and abandoned the foolish gas/break/gas/break style of driving, they could get a a little more life out of their vehicles…

  • The cab lawsuit is a complete LIE. What, those Crown Vics or whatever they use are specially modified for durability? I hope the City is demanding proof of that, cause I bet there ain’t none. It’s a lie. Yellow paint and a front/rear partition, that’s it.

  • I’m sure that any available hybrid is less ‘durable’ than the crown tanktoria; that is the best thing about them being required. The necessary adjustment in taxi driving habits (drive conservatively or be fired, because you’re costing us too much money in repairs) is going to be more dramatic than the fuel savings (and also feed into the fuel savings). It’s a huge win for New Yorkers’ safety and quality of life (as long as the court doesn’t fall for the commission’s circular argument).

  • gecko

    No question that Bloomberg’s support for carbon tax is good; just, the most dramatic thing he can do here and now would be two major initiatives:

    1. Forty-percent cycling in New York City ASAP by doing whatever it takes and,

    2. Broad implementation of residential geothermal heating and cooling in Brooklyn and Queens which which are optimum areas for such 30% savings retrofits, according to the PDF book available free from the New York City Department of Design and Construction DDC (Geothermal Heating and Cooling).