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  • gecko

    Would protected lane cycle tracks would work better down the center of both one-way and two-way streets that are wide such as 9th avenue in manhattan and 9th street in brooklyn?

    Placed at curb side seems lack certain advantages except for maybe, left turn conflicts. Center of road cycle tracks would definitely prevent u-turns on streets like 9th Street in Broolyn which is a serious problem. Mid-block pedestrian extensions would make the rampant jaywalking alot safer.

    re: Portland’s Beautiful Bike Congestion (Bike Portland)

  • Timz

    The link for the WSJ article on internal combustion engines is wrong… unless your referring to the economic crisis as an internal combustion engine. Not such a bad metaphor really!

  • Fixed — thanks Timz

  • JP

    Re: WSJ article
    Cars are “the enablers of a way of life that for many is synonymous with freedom and opportunity.” Man, this guy loves cars.

    On the other hand, I felt so much more free after giving up my car. Free of insurance payments, maintenance, parking, worrying about smash and grabs. Giving up my car has also given me the opportunity to get out and interact with other people, rather than sitting isolated in a steel box.

  • they’re finally resurfacing Ave C between 13th and 18th street. I wonder if they will use this opportunity to extend the bike lane to the east river path. who could I contact to suggest this? even better they should convert the carriage lane, which is essentially free private parking for stuy town into a protected lane.

  • momos

    Instead of the hugely expensive 7 line extension, why not close 42nd & 34th sts to cars and put in a cross-town light rail loop as proposed at The benefits would be dramatic:

    -$1 billion increase in real estate values on 42nd alone
    -Eliminate auto traffic in the heart of midtown
    -Connect Penn Station, Port Authority and Grand Central with hard-to-reach-places like the far West and East sides.
    -Speed up crosstown travel
    -All for a fraction of the bloated cost of a relatively short extension of an already crowded subway train

  • andrew

    Re: Portland Bike Traffic

    Not to start a war of cities, but lately the bike lane on Bergen Street has been pretty congested, and overall there seems to be lots of bike traffic.

    I know things could get much much better, but it seems that the increase in bike lanes has definably encouraged NY’ers to ride.