Today’s Headlines

  • Larry Littlefield

    “If a typical household shifts from driving everywhere (what we call, automobile dependency) to multi-modalism (using a combination of travel modes) and so is able shed one vehicle, the savings typically average about $5,000 annually.”

    Right. As discussed, people need to save the fixed costs as well as the operating costs, since the former are far greater. And they need to do it desperately, and without any public investment in transit.

    Blinding flashes of the obvious are breaking out all over.

  • I observe the 96th St. IRT reconstruction every day. It looks like they’re done fiddling with the sidewalks and are now breaking ground in the median where the new station house will be. Completion in 2010 if I recall. Of course, the reconstruction is proceeding without closing the heavily used express/local station, so no one expects the process to be speedy. In the neighborhood, we’re all wondering what the traffic flows will be like when the station is complete. Will it be more safe or less safe to cross the street to get to the station? In any case, exciting days!


    There was a post on start and fits about that 96th street station and the sidewalk removal not long ago…

  • Mark and Susan,

    I think the reconstruction is about 4-5 months behind already, since a presentation on the CB7 website about the station states that the median groundbreaking was due to happen at the end of April! So 2010 may get pushed to 2011.

  • I thought that the framing of the “Downside of Low-Cost Buses” article was so bizarre that I wrote a whole post about it.