Today’s Headlines

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’m disgusted. Fidler proposes a tax increase on workers that exempts the retired — the generations that have raped and destroyed this city, state and country and made off the with booty — to raise $1 billion. Including New Jersey, which the State of New York has no right to do.

    The MTA needs $4 billion per year.

    State aid? You’re joking. All the future taxes of Lehman, Merril and AIG have already been spent on debt and pensions. There will be no such taxes? Then what?

  • So now it’s known that Christopher Long is planning on suing, and well he should.

    Even if he loses, the process will costs taxpayers’ money.

    NYPD should stop hiring violent punks, and/or should stop cultivating them. Because their criminal behavior costs all of us.

  • mike

    Why is the DoT widening roads? Doesn’t seem to fit with their strategic plan.

  • Re: Newsday Endorses Texting-While-Driving Bans.

    Did they really have to think about tis one?

    BTW, Streetsblog, can you guys slap some kind of filter on these Isaac Abraham posts?

  • bob

    that isn’t the only road being widened in staten island. there are a whole bunch in the pipeline. community boards are aware of them