Caption Contest: Broadway Boulevard NYPD Tower


This tipster photo was snapped last Tuesday, September 2, on Broadway south of 42 Street.

Who has a good caption?

  • Trying to contribute to the city’s public plaza program, and sharing extensive their experience with One Police Plaza, the NYPD has decided to add large blank towers, surrounded by security barriers, to all the new public plazas.

  • I do, but I don’t know if it will get past my profanity filter.

    #$%^&* #$%^&* $%^&* $%^&*, $%^&*?? $^&*( @#$%^ #$%^ **** off!!!

  • “That’s no moon… its a space station”

  • The NYPD recently reported that cars do not obstruct bike lanes: “We had numerous reports of blocked bike lanes so we set up this covert observation platform and didn’t see a single car in the bike lane. We concluded that the problem does not exist and that cyclists are hippies.”

  • MrManhattan

    “Hey Chief, we’re observing a large number of suspects without cars. Must be a new Al Qaeda cell. Call Homeland Security”

  • Anyone know what they are doing? Is there going to be some kind of big-crowd event like New Years Eve in that area? What’s going on? Please tell me that’s not just for watching everyday foot traffic and such?

  • This thing seems to be gone as of Sunday, didn’t see it on the century tour…

  • Sniper tower for parking in a bike lane.

  • gecko

    Finally, a NYC public restroom!

  • Peter

    As bad as the photo is I can’t remember seeing those barriers installed when I rolled past there during the NYC Century.

  • Peter Flint

    I DID see the tower there during the NY Century tour (I specifically remember saying WTF is that to myself), but the barriers were not, IIRC.

    They were also setting up for some sort of season opening concert for the NFL there later on Sunday or Monday, so perhaps the tower was up for crowd surveillance during that event. Don’t know if it’s still there now though.

  • Critical Ass(es)?

  • Pursuant

    LAMEST Astroland ride ever.

  • Dave

    The NYPD once again shows what they feel is appropriate respect to bikers in the city.

    Between the legs of the barricades and the cone, the NYPD has rendered the bike lane unusable. Between this and pushing bikers off their bikes, the NYPD really doesn’t like bikers, do they?

    Also notice the number of pedestrians in the ill-conceived, poorly-executed and traffic-causing Broadway Boulevard. How long till it is ripped up like Koch’s bike lanes on Fifth Avenue?

  • I vote for #13

  • “Traffic-causing Broadway Boulevard” … huh? Wha’? Would you like to explain exactly what you mean by that?

    I certainly hope B’way Blvd. doesn’t get “ripped up.” It’s made the area much safer for people on foot. If the area is returned to its previously pedestrian-hostile condition, it will go back to being a deadly hazard to people like me.

  • This bike lane represents the reality of the DOT. With the cities effort to make Broadway more bikeable, a barricaded bike lane filled with pedestrians on their cell phones…makeing Broadway, unbikeable. Thanks a lot.

  • J. Mork

    “Roads don’t cause traffic, people cause traffic.”

  • Seriously, does anyone know why it was there? I saw them putting it up on my ride home on Friday.

  • Softrider

    I asked the cop standing next to the Tower of Fun if it’s OK for people to walk in the bike lane. His response, “They’re not supposed to, but there’s too many of ’em, so we can’t enforce it.” Good thing there aren’t too many law-breaking drivers, too many teens taking over subway stations, too many muggers, too many bad guys. At least they’ve got the manpower to ticket the very few beer drinkers on stoops and to tell cyclists to slow down on the 59th St. Bridge. There’s a couple of problems they can handle. Believe me, I’m not anti-cop (one carried my bleeding body to the hospital when I got hit by a car as a kid), but they’re becoming a joke. The cops I’ve talked to are frustrated, but what can they do? It’s a pretty good-paying job, and you don’t get anywhere by making waves. As for the B’way Blvd., one less stretch you can ride on. I’ve been using it for 8 years to ride home, but if it stays like this, never again.

  • Softrider, are you saying you used the old class 2 bike lane that was painted on (but mostly chipped off of) Broadway for 8 years?

    I will never understand how people feel safe in those lanes, when using them requires at least one “weave” on every single block. Especially on Broadway, on which I too have rode home for a long time, about five years.

    Of course this Broadway Boulevard frustrates cyclists because it’s overrun with pedestrians, but if I HAD to stick to a bike lane (god forbid they ever legislate that), I’d rather have to call out to, and slow down for, pedestrians, than weave around double-parked cars, buses, and big trucks and pray I don’t get hit by cars behind me or hand trucks popping out in front of me. (That’s how it is on most of the non-boulevard stretch of Broadway BELOW the Boulevard, down to 14th St.)

    “Straight-line” riding is the safest for you and everyone, and you can do that most if you avoid bike lanes!

  • gecko

    maybe those guys in the tower are designing a veloway! someone ask them quick. i gotta know.

  • Isn’t that one of those Snow Walkers from “The Empire Strikes Back”?!

  • That’s nothing new, they have those in my neighborhood all the time. I think they are there to help remind us where all our tax dollars go, instead of to separated bike lanes. It’s a subtle juxtaposition, and not usually so blatant as in time square, but maybe they wanted to make sure everyone on the century could see it and get the message.
    Or you know, it is a surveillance tower, so maybe they were just filming all the future critical mass suspects riding in the century for the giant NYPD terrorist database. Smile, the panopticon has you.

  • Dave

    Mark Walker:
    “Traffic-causing Braodway Boulevard” means that by taking away a through traffic lane to create these pedestrian zones, not only has Sadik-Kahn made the area bike un-friendly (see comments above) but she has also created a vehicle traffic jam as traffic tries to narrow into the single lane that double-parkers will create in this area.

    I can’t wait for the holiday season with horrible traffic jams this “improvement” will create while the additional pedestrian area is trash-strewn and empty. As it will be for at least six months of the year….with nary a biker in sight.

    If S-K knew what she was doing she would have restricted parking on one side of Broadway to allow for the inevitable double-parkers. More importantly she would have only introduced traffic-restricting street redesigns only after she had restricted traffic into Manhattan through CP, East River tolls or something to fund the MTA while addressing the traffic crisis in Manhattan.

  • Dave, thanks for the explanation. But calling illegal parking inevitable strikes me as self-defeating. Also, I’m as much in favor of CP and East River tolls as you are, but I think it would be a mistake to delay all other livable-streets improvements while we wait for them.

    Every time I’ve walked through Herald Square since the improvement, I’ve been struck by how much less terrifying and dangerous it is to people on foot. That part, at least, has to be regarded as a success, and I think the people responsible deserve some credit for it.

    Not for the first time, I sense the biker part of the Streetsblog audience diverging from the pedestrian part. Perhaps there is such a thing as handlebar perspective.

  • I think there is such a thing as stockholm syndrome, among many New Yorkers.

  • do you smell bacon?

    eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

  • Charlie

    WOW, even the cops are afraid to be on the streets!!!


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