Today’s Headlines

  • Brad

    Wow what differences our (nyc) critical mass would be with cops and the mayor riding along with everyone else.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’m glad to hear the Assembly demand the MTA not raise fares, tolls, taxes, or debt, or cut spending. After having having passed a 20/50 pension plan and all that debt. What heroes they are.

    Perhaps they just want the system to run as it is for a little while longer, until they enhance their pensions and move to Florida (which is becomming more affordable by the second), and then collapse.

  • Anonymous

    These cops are out of control. Please, somebody arrest *them*. Sue, sue, sue until these thugs learn that they cannot suspend the Constitution.

  • Doctors for congestion pricing? Well how about that, I thought we were told they’d be strongly against it because all those people need to drive to their appointments. I guess actual doctors, unlike hypothetical doctors, recognize the medical value of clean air.

  • momos

    Hang in there, Elizabeth. Being a New Yorker I’m sure you’re used to random police detentions. So much for the freedoms the flag waving patriots boast about.