Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Lays Out Energy Plan (Grist
  • Gas Price Dip Expected to Mean More Holiday Driving (News
  • Cuomo Warns of Pump Bait and Switch (Post, News)
  • Critical Mass Marks Four Years of NYPD Harassment (Metro
  • Action Needed on Closed West St. Bike Path (Downtown Express)
  • MTA Will Keep Extra Outbound Battery Tunnel Lane (Bklyn Eagle
  • Molinaro, Parks Dept. Spar Over Roads Through Fresh Kills Park (SI Advance)
  • Pedestrian Fatalities: Blame the Victim, Blame the Moon (Freakonomics)
  • Brooklyn Man’s Death Signaled by Collection of Parking Tickets (NYT
  • California Bill Would Encourage Transit Oriented Development (NYT)
  • Larry Littlefield

    Auto companies seek $50 billion in federal subsidies.

    Understand the context here. Our entire economy has been based on going deeper and deeper into debt so we can keep spending. Now the rest of the world isn’t willing to lend to Americans anymore, because they know we can’t pay. But they will lend to the federal government, on the grounds that the tax code will FORCE future generations to pay.

    And the auto companies want future generations to pay for their decision not to produce fuel efficient cars.

  • Streetsman

    Re: the West St. bike lane – NY State DOT planners should have been smart enough to know that if you interrupt the busiest bicycle greenway in the country and divert it onto a sidewalk, even if it’s under a narrow sidewalk shed, putting a sign telling riders to dismount will never work. They should have built a second full lane of sidewalk shed for two-way cycling, or provided a reasonable detour for both bikes and pedestrians. I’m sorry, but you can’t suddenly and temporarily interrupt accommodation for just one of the modes in a multi-mode separated facility.

    When a sidewalk is being reconstructed, generally they take away a lane of traffic and use those temporary wooden barricades to accommodate pedestrians because they know the people will walk in the roadbed with traffic if they don’t provide that.

    It’s like asking drivers to stop, put the car in neutral, and get out and push through one block of a construction zone, then get in and keep driving. You know that if there’s enough room, they’re gonna drive right through. You either accommodate the mode or provide a reasonable detour. You can’t just interrupt a facility right in the middle.

  • Edgar

    Who is quoted below, McCain or Obama?

    “As president, I will tap our natural-gas reserves, invest in clean-coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power. I’ll help our auto companies retool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America. I’ll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars,” he said.

    Can you really tell the difference?

    “Clean coal” is a joke.

    Ethanol is a carbon-positive subsidy program for Midwestern corporate farmers.

    Americans need to be weaned off car dependence, not have their car dependence subsidized and saved from obsolescence by the federal government.

  • Edgar

    How can Obama feel right about supporting ethanol, when it’s causing hundreds of thousands of people to starve because of rising food prices?

  • Agreed, Edgar, but McCain/Palin is going to make Obama sound good (to us) next week by pretending that being out of accessible oil in 49 out of 50 states is an American success story, and that we should empty the 50th as quickly as possible.