Today’s Headlines

  • Sander: MTA Shortfall Puts Future of Region at Risk (NY1)
  • Big Box Giant BJ’s Eyes Two Brooklyn Locations for New Stores (News)
  • More on Yesterday’s Summer Streets Presser (Sun, Post, AMNY, Politicker)
  • Speculation Abounds on How Far MTA Will Take Corporate Sponsorship (Post)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: The ‘Adopt-a-Station’ Model Deserves a Shot
  • Bronx Bus Riders Want Manhattan Stop Restored to Select Bus Route (Norwood News)
  • Ikea’s In-House Traffic Engineers to Discuss Bus Problems With Brooklyn CBs (Bklyn Paper)
  • Arrest of Car Thieves Leads to Sidewalk Mayhem (News)
  • Orioles Lead AL East in Bike Commuting Ballplayers (Balt Sun via SGA)
  • Boston’s First Bike Lanes Are Ready to Roll (Globe via Planetizen)
  • Larry Littlefield

    “The second proposed location in the Brooklyn Terminal Market on Foster Ave. and Avenue D would take over an old Key Food storage facility.”

    No one ever gets held accountable for their past deceptions. When city planning proposed making it legal for large supermarkets to open on wide streets in areas like this without a two-year review process, Key Food, which didn’t want competiton from new stores, claimed that if the city went ahead with the proposal, it would have no choice but to move its distribution facility out of the city.

    After the proposal was voted down, it moved its facility to New Jersey anyway. These folks should be told that if they don’t want BJ’s wholesale in these places, they should put their own distribution facilties there. Heck they could even open them to retail customers on the weekend.

  • J. Mork

    That story about the Orioles is awesome.

    “There are some side benefits,” [Jeremy] Guthrie said. “It’s the overall idea of being outside and exercising instead of driving. I hate cars, I hate driving, I hate doing something I don’t have to do. For me to drive downtown is a waste of gas; it’s a waste of my time. I can ride faster than I can drive.”

  • Geck

    I think I have just become and Orioles fan.

  • Ace

    The Cesar’s Bay location is currently pretty much of a wasteland, However the potential for a beautiful shoreline recreation/park area should supersede a super super market that serves the private automobile sector.

    Vaux park is almost next to the proposed BJ’s and is currently undergoing a very much needed renovation. The shore walk/bike path that extends from Owls head Park in Sunset Park all the way through Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst up to Cesar’s bay should be extended to Coney Island and thus to Sheepshead Bay. Take that Manhattan.

  • rlb

    I am an Orioles fan. But for the glint of pride provided by this article, I don’t recommend it.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I am an Orioles fan. But for the glint of pride provided by this article, I don’t recommend it.”

    Ahh, but you’ll always have the 1966 to 1983 or so era. And the Baltimore Colts.

  • I was down by the new bike lanes on Comm Ave last week and I had some seriously mixed feelings.

    I was happy to finally have newly paved rodes (which will help cyclists more than the lanes) and the bike lanes but I was saddened by the scum that is Menino.

    Boston could have been (and still could be) the best biking city around. But, we had to wait years and years to get anywhere because Menino only cares about himself.

    Stories about the new bike czar all mention Menino’s new found cycling enthusiasm in a positive light, when really it should be noted in a negative fashion. Instead of doing what was best for the public and the city Menino did nothing. But once it matters to him things get done immediately.

    He’s selfish and lives in a bubble.

    I just hope he doesn’t grab ahold of the PPL too.

    What scum.