Streetfilms: Biking the Falls

Before the four "New York City Waterfalls" began gushing along the East River this June, DOT marked a bike route passing by each installation and released a guide to go with it. In this Streetfilm Elizabeth Press shows us a recent bike tour of the falls, led by DOT commish Janette Sadik-Khan. Special bonus feature: commentary from "Waterfalls" artist Olafur Eliasson about his work.

  • D

    Are you aware that bike riding is forbidden on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade?

  • Ace

    To their credit they do have the bikes on the correct side of the Manhattan Bridge. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge Water Fall is spectacular from the pedestrian side of the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Bob

    D – it looks to me like the line on the map is dashed along the promenade. I assume that means they are asking people to walk their bike there.

  • Geck

    Be sure to look down just west of the Brooklyn tower as you ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and see the falls from the top through the slats.

  • Rex

    I wonder if Janet got a parade permit?

  • The music is by the appropriately-named Water Fai, a girl band from Osaka, Japan.

    For more, see: and and
    Water Fai: ‘You Are the Sun’

    Makiko Toba, the bassist, recently visited TheWhoFarmers to produce visual arts and smiles for our WaitingForApples event.

    Afterwards, she walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to view Olafur Eliasson’s Waterfalls (she is prone to bad luck on bicylces.) Makiko met the fabulous Elizabeth Press at the Birdbath Bakery bike share party and gave her a copy of Water Fai’s new album.

    She also participated in David Byrne’s Playing The Building:
    Playing the Building: Makiko Dance

    Josh & Makiko Playing the Building

    Makiko’s message: Arigatou NYC! šŸ™‚

  • Streetsman

    There is a Bike the Falls path logo at the promenade entrance that instructs you to dismount and walk

  • SomeGuy

    Bob and Streetsman – But the individuals in the video chose to ignore that and ride on the promenade anyway.

  • Giffe

    “Bob and Streetsman – But the individuals in the video chose to ignore that and ride on the promenade anyway.”

    I think what matters is how fast they go, not whether they are walking or riding a bike. What do you think?


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