Eyes on the Street: Countdown to August 9

A tipster sends this shot, snapped at the bicycle shelter on Broadway and 17th Street. The first Summer Streets Saturday is 10 days away. Have you seen the promo?

  • I have an important question about the Summer Streets events. Am I going to be allowed to get drunk at them? Reclaiming space is nice and all that, but if I’m going to be outside on a Saturday afternoon in the summer, there had better some cold beer involved.

  • birdie

    Visit http://www.nyc.gov/summerstreets for more info. I’m pretty sure public drunkeness rules still apply, but you could probably get a pretty good buzz on if that’s your thing.

  • may

    Beware anything that is so unwanted that the City is hiring a PR firm and placing expensive ads to ‘sell’ it to an unwitting public.

    If most people wanted this silly program, they wouldn’t have to ‘sell’ it and waste taxpayer’s money that could be better spent educating children and not consumers.

  • Bureaucrat

    are they “selling” it or making people aware of it? if you were putting on summer streets, how would you let the public know that it exists?


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