Wanted: A Progressive DOT Director for Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.’s Transportation Director Emeka Moneme is resigning, opening up a window of opportunity for that city’s active livable streets movement. Greater Greater Washington’s David Alpert is pointing Mayor Adrian Fenty to New York City’s recent experience in choosing a new DOT Commissioner:

Mayor Bloomberg chose Sadik-Khan, and now we have separated bike lanes, brand-new plazas, a boulevard-like design for Broadway, and more. We need a similarly visionary leader for DDOT.

Perhaps because D.C. is such a wonk-filled town (or maybe because it was one of America’s first planned cities), greater Washington boasts a healthy number of really smart, high-quality blogs covering urban planning, transportation policy and livable streets. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how these bloggers help shape the public discussion as Fenty goes about choosing his next transportation commissioner. Here’s some good D.C. reading…

  • fdr

    Maybe they should hire one of Sadik-Khan’s team: Orcutt? Schaller?

  • Dave H.

    First planned city in the U.S. is New Haven, not Washington.

    Perhaps D.C. is first planned “metropolis” but that’s a technicality and depends on how you define metropolis and when D.C. became one.

  • Clearly, I’m not reading enough Design New Haven.

  • Dave H.
  • Dave H.


    It’s perfectly understandable. We’re trying to cling to our claims to fame like “first pizza,” “first hamburger,” “first Frisbee,” “first patent for bicycle,” “Amistad happened here” etc. etc. in order to forget that the current president was also born here.

  • Andrew

    Former Director Moneme is a terrific and dedicated person. However, he had a tendency to rely on traditional metrics such as LOS (Level of Vehicular Service) when weighing options on, for example, intersections.

    This petition to the Mayor is calling for the executive to consider this a priority for the citizens of the District; to bring someone in who will work with its planning and policy branch to develop and implement cutting edge solutions (such as described in this forum) as seen in New York, Portland and elsewhere, when considering pedestrian and bicycle safety, etc.

  • dbs


    What is perfect job description for the new DOT director?

    Might the livable streets community drafted a non-partisan job description for the next USDOT Secretary?

    Here is an interesting model:
    Who should be our next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture?
    This wiki is to help those on the ground working toward community food security for our nation to help influence the next Secretary of Agriculture appointment.

  • Your system does not work.

    Are you blocking posters with ideas that you are incapable of defending against?


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