Today’s Headlines

  • Subway Delays Up 44 Percent in April (Post)
  • NYCT to Increase Service on Some Lines in July, But Not the G (Post, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Select Bus Service Debuts in the Bronx; Riders Adjust to Pre-Payment (News, NY1)
  • Analyst Predicts Massive Mode Switch to Transit (WSJ)
  • Taxi Owners Complain About City-Mandated Shift to Hybrid Cabs (Post)
  • Manhattan Teenager Killed by Drunk Driver (News, Post)
  • Luxury Dealerships Doing Fine on Manhattan’s Automobile Row (NYT)
  • NARP Blog Breaks Down the Times’ Amtrak Coverage
  • German Town Removes All Traffic Signals (ABC via Planetizen)
  • Times: “Yet, while some [car] dealerships on 11th Avenue are struggling, many others are reporting record sales.”

    In other words, affluent New York drivers will be the last to adjust their driving habits to costlier gas. This is why we need congestion pricing.

  • To be fair to the cab drivers (which is a group I rarely stick up for), their complaints about the shift to hybrids seem to be largely about the fact that there literally aren’t enough hybrids available for them to purchase, or enough parts available for them to maintain.

  • Mark,
    I’m all in favor of congestion pricing, but I don’t think it’ll affect the driving habits of affluent New Yorkers. That’s okay, though, because the luxury cars that are still selling don’t contribute much to congestion. As the general manager of Audi Manhattan puts it in the NYT article, “We don’t sell cars to people that need transportation.” In other words, those cars are expensive toys that are neither intended nor bought for the daily commute.

  • Vroom, interesting nuances, and I won’t be foolish enough to argue against them. But don’t forget the other side of CP: Even if the wealthy continue driving, they’ll pay to beef up transit.

  • Mark,
    As I said, I’m all in favor of congestion pricing. My only concerns about CP are that the zone is too small and the fee is too low. My whole point is that there are all sorts of good arguments for CP, but the unabated popularity of overpriced luxury cars ain’t one;)

    By the way, I’m wondering whether the Audi salesman I quoted above will get a stern letter from corporate HQ. Admitting that Audi buyers don’t need transportation is like admitting that SUV buyers don’t need off-road capabilities — blasphemy!