Cartoon Tuesday: Blind Spots

Ruben Bolling

  • I like how the Chrysler guy looks like a Communist foot soldier.

  • paulb

    I’ve been noticing a lot of other free gas promotions–from all kinds of products and local supermarkets. I don’t think this is really significant, it’s just some opportunistic (pathetic in Chrysler’s case) marketing that might sell a few vehicles or cases of beer but won’t mean very much. The cartoonist really has it right, Chrysler is getting very close to being history. Chrysler introduced the minivan and owned that market for awhile, and Ford’s Taurus was “America’s car” for nearly all the late 80s, absolutely wasted opportunities now. Although I want to make a prediction: Toyota has peaked. GM and Ford are going to chip away at Toyota’s North American market share the next few years.


Cartoon Tuesday: Priority

Click through for the conclusion to this week’s toon, which comes to us from Rick Smith of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Smith’s strip, Yehuda Moon, is a serialized saga with daily entries going back to January. I’m still making my way through the storyline, but having biked the greenways of Lorain County, I had a soft […]

Cartoon Tuesday: Jump the Gates or Dump the Stooges?

From the cutting-off-one’s-nose-to-spite-one’s-face department comes this nonetheless impressive song and video excoriating the MTA (a.k.a. "Money-Taking Assholes") and calling on transit riders to "start jumping the gates." But there’s more to the message than misguided MTA bashing, as "the fuck-ups in Albany" — Ruben Diaz, Sr., Pedro Espada and Carl Kruger, specifically — get their […]

Cartoon Tuesday: Tales From the Dark Side (of the Road)

The UK Department for Transport’s no-holds-barred THINK! road safety campaign isn’t just for adults. This creepy toon, one in a series designed to influence how kids interact with auto traffic (here’s another), encourages bright colored clothing in favor of "trendy" darker tones when walking at night. These spots bring to mind a number of questions. […]

New Citi Bike Stickers Warn of Truck Blind Spots

With more than two million rides and only a handful of reported crashes, bike-share in New York appears to be putting together an impressive safety record. In London and Paris, fatal bike-share crashes, while very rare, have mostly involved large vehicles like buses and trucks. When Citi Bike launched, the “Bike Smart” brochure sent to all […]