Today’s Headlines

  • Rash of Curb-Jumping Injures 22 Pedestrians in Two Days (CBSCity Room)
  • Launch of Summer Streets Renews Call to Bring Back Car-Free Sundays on Grand Concourse (Post)
  • News Rips Brooklyn Judges for Parking on Ped Plaza
  • MTA Board Perks Include Parking Placards; E-ZPass Giveaways Total $30K Per Year (News, NYT)
  • Obama’s Ties to Ethanol Industry Draw Scrutiny (NYT)
  • Amtrak Ill-Equipped to Handle Record Ridership (NYT)
  • Beijing to Ration License Plates During Olympics (NYT)
  • MTA Expected to Approve Spending Cuts Today (AMNY)
  • Bloomberg: Gas Tax Should Be Higher (Post)
  • Block Party Rocks Newkirk Avenue (Sustainable Flatbush)
  • Larry Littlefield

    “MTA Expected to Approve Spending Cuts Today”

    Hey state and city comptrollers, now is the time to identify the specific bank accounts with the “hidden billions” you claim every time a fare increase is proposed.

    And now is the time for Brodsky and Weiner to deliver the billions in additional funds, without any sacrifice from anyone, they promised of Congestion Pricing was voted down.

    Where are the hidden billions, Brodsky billions and Weiner billions?

  • mr. brownstone

    so.. all those cars jumping curbs.. is that an argument for more and higher curbs, or fewer curbs? what a catch-22 – how will we convince the engineers to experiment with woonerfs, shared space and stuff like that? it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy that if you design streets for high-speed cars that could plausibly veer out of control at any time, then they will. we need streets designed to force lower speeds.

  • Good question, Mr. B. I think it would help to know more about the four locations: did the cars jump the curbs in the middle of the block or at the corner? Was there curbside parking? How wide was the street? How well were the lights timed?

  • Today’s Curb Jump

    One Dead, Three Injured When Bus Jumps Curb In Chinatown
    June 23, 2008 (Monday)

    One person was killed and three injured when a Fung Wah bus jumped a curb and struck a bank in Chinatown this morning.

    The accident happened just before 8 this morning at the intersection of the Bowery and Canal Street.

    According to the Fire Department, one person was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

    Published reports say that a dump truck rear-ended the bus, forcing it into the Commerce Bank.

    This is the fifth time pedestrians have been struck in four days.

  • For all his faults Mayor Mike won’t pander on fossil fuel and in realpolitick terms his comments amount to a gratuitous tweak of an important component (albeit a minority) of his constituency. I’m so disgusted with the NYS Democratic Party, let him run for Governor, let’s see what happens.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Funny how any public meeting about expanding the bike lane network will attract someone who complains about bicycles riding on the sidewalk.

    This just shows the value of the cycle tracks behind the parked cars. When my kids were little, I didn’t even want them playing on the sidewalk during alternate side, when the protective row of parked cars wasn’t there.

  • Fendergal

    I know the block on 7th Avenue where one of the curb-jumping incidents took place. There is scaffolding/construction shedding, so any car jumping the curb would have to go through that as well. (Unless the shedding was taken down.)

  • Ian Turner

    I saw a car jump the curb just yesterday, at Diamond and Meserole in Brooklyn. Thankfully no one was hurt, but if someone had been standing at the streetcorner, it would have been fatal.

  • It was a wonderful block party, GREAT JOB.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    How brave and progressive of Mayor Mike now that he is not running for any office. When will someone who is running for an office support gas taxes? Obama came the closest by refusing to lower them, but thats a long ways from what has to be done.

  • McCain offers a $300 million prize for the design of a car battery. For those keeping track, that’s nearly the amount NYC would have gotten from the U.S. DOT for congestion pricing. Of course, the problem with electric cars is that the battery is just an energy carrier, not an energy source, and the weight of the battery itself burdens the car.

    McCain also offers a $5000 tax credit for every buyer of electric cars. Why not offer a $5000 credit for mass transit users and replace driving subsidies with incentives not to drive?