Today’s Headlines

  • McCain Wants to Investigate Oil Companies and Traders (Sun)
  • Gas Hits $5/Gal at Some City Pumps (News)
  • Fuel Prices May Put Some Car Services Out of Business (Riverdale Press)
  • 17 Cops Will Handle Traffic For Red Hook Ikea (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Manhattan CB1 Approves Bike Path Through City Hall Park (Tribeca Trib)
  • Elderly Woman Hit By Van Outside Woolworth Building, in Critical Condition (Post)
  • State Pols Question Need for More Stadium Subsidies (NYT, Sun, News)
  • MTA Has Paid Out $1.1B in Claims Since 1996, Comptroller Finds (City Room, Post)
  • Gene Russianoff Answers Questions About Transit (City Room)
  • Portland Cyclist Tackled and Tasered by Police (Bike Portland)
  • jmc

    I dusted off the old horseless carriage yesterday for a the first time in a while so that I could drive to my grandparents’ in NJ (from the Bronx). I was expecting a lot of traffic because I was leaving around 9 am. There was very light traffic! It wasn’t until I was on my way back that I noticed the difference… there were not very many junky cars on the road. Even in poorer areas of the Bronx, there weren’t too many old and worn cars on the street, it was mostly new Acuras, Hondas, Mercedes, et al. I think a lot of poor people have stopped driving. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Geck

    I always though bike path through the North end of City hall park connecting the Brooklyn Bridge with Warren Street and the West Side Bikeway was an idea that was too good to come true. It is also a great symbolic gesture to have it running right behind City Hall. Dismounting is crazy though. Shared paths work fine in Riverside Park.

  • Mick

    It’s already legal to walk your bike on any path or sidewalk. The community board’s provision requiring cyclists to dismount, means they effectively didn’t approve anything. This is like designating all sidewalks as dismounted bike paths. WTF does it mean? Answer: zero.

    “The committee approved the plan, but not before attaching a list of restrictions to the path’s use that would force cyclists to dismount their bikes in the park.”

  • gecko

    #2 Geck, There’s nothing wrong with dismounting vehicles and walking them for safety sake especially, where a lot of pedestrians, elderly, and children are at risk.

    Those vehicles that can’t be dismounted should be banned in such places and maybe that elderly woman would not have been hit by the van in front of the Woolworth building.

  • Wow, before I read the story of Portland Cyclist Tasered, I wondered was that Rev. Phil (Sano)? And I was right!

  • Mike Dababi

    I say, kudos to McCain for saying he wants to investigate big oil! He should examine Halliburton too!

    as an aside, check out what the lunatics over at Commuter Outrage have to say about Streetsblog’s comment moderation policy

  • Mark Walker

    To complement the top story about McCain investigating oil traders (and companies), this story from the Times:

    Bottom line, speculation and market manipulation are two separate things.

  • Mark Walker

    A dozen NJ state employees charged with filling up their private vehicles with gas paid for by the state. Could that be happening here too? Nah!

  • ddartley

    From an NPR story this morning:

    At one point, Iowa Republican Charles Grassley took aim at Senate leaders, who are driven around in large SUVs: “When we’re paying $4 of taxpayers’ money for [a gallon of] gasoline, it just irritates me to high heaven when I see these SUVs idling out here, maybe to keep the car warm in the wintertime or keep it cool in the summertime. And I saw it when the temperature around here was 60 degrees. Shut those cars off and save.”

  • Mark Walker

    Toyota promises plug-in hybrid by 2010 … rolling blackouts to begin by 2011:,0,5214628.story

  • Yeah, having to dismount is a joke. They approved a sidewalk, and they’re taking two parks officers from important duty to yell at people who are using a shared path as it SHOULD be used.

    I never could understand how there was no decent way to get across that section of downtown, considering the Brooklyn Bridget lets out right there. There needs to be a solution, and this is definitely not it.

  • Spud Spudly

    Hey DD, I assume that was your letter in the Times this morning? Good one. I didn’t know about your tragedy — even though it’s been a long time, I’m sorry.