Today’s Headlines

  • Some Drivers Hang on to SUVs No Matter the Cost (CNN)
  • Florida Lawyer Sues OPEC for Price Fixing (NYT)
  • More Companies Helping Employees Telecommute (AP)
  • Livery Cab Driver Strikes and Kills Bronx Girl (Post, News)
  • Construction of New NYC Parking Garages Seldom Challenged (MTR)
  • E-ZPass Giveaways Cost MTA $14M Per Year (News)
  • Will PlaNYC Deliver on Its Promises? (Gotham Gazette)
  • Ask Gene Russianoff About Mass Transit (City Room)
  • Support Grows for New Haven Highway Tear Down (MTR)
  • Minneapolis Puts Limits on Idling (KTSP)
  • Larry Littlefield

    I must say I’m surprised so many parking garages are getting through in the special permit zone. Those were thought to be very hard to get at one time. A big change.

    What do you say we add them all up, and remove an equal amount of on-street parking south of 60th Street?

  • Josh

    Of course OPEC is fixing prices – price fixing is the main reason for its existence.

  • Mark Walker

    OPEC fixes export quotas. Its influence over prices is overrated. Oil prices are mainly set on the commodities markets.

  • Mark Walker

    In the “I did not know that” category, though federal gas taxes are fixed, state gas taxes are rising in some states: