Cartoon Tuesday: Mode Switch


This number from cartoonist Bob Lafay makes a good companion to last week’s news that some bike models are in short supply throughout New York City, perhaps reflecting the effect of gas prices on manufacturers’ inventories. The panic subsides once you start pedaling.

  • MrManhattan

    This cartoon really hits a raw nerve.

    “rising gas prices” substituted for “emergency”.

    I remember standing on my roof in the West Village on a fine September morning watching that second plane go in to the North Tower and the third thing I thought (after, “my god, all those people” and “I hope Bush doesn’t use this for political gain”) was: This will finally make Americans realize they can’t base their lifestyle on sending money to the middle east.

    Here we are six and a half years later and we discover that to American consumers, a dollar and a half at the pump has more effect than four thousand bodies.




  • john the bicyclist

    This panic will send more bikes on the streets. Warmer weather + more bikes locked up + inflation causing detrimental impact on the economy = bike theft will skyrocket. Great.


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