Today’s Headlines

  • Drivers Adjust, Perhaps Permanently, to $4/Gallon Gas (NYT)
  • Distance Americans Drive Makes Biggest Drop Since 1942 (Reuters)
  • Police Sergeants’ Union Issues New Counterfeit Parking Placards (Post)
  • Another Sign of Rising Gas Prices: More Cops on Bikes (AP)
  • Washington Post Takes the Measure of Cycling in NYC
  • Past and Present MTA Honchos Get Free E-ZPasses for Life (News)
  • More New Yorkers Taking Subway; Bus Ridership Remains Flat (AMNY)
  • Drug-Addled Driver Strikes and Kills Woman in Brighton Beach (News, Post)
  • Vigilantes Remove Parking Signs From Remote Queens Neighborhood (NYT)
  • How Some Cities and Towns Are Responding to Higher Gas Prices (The Oil Drum: Local)
  • Mark Walker

    From Reuters story: “Crude oil prices — which comprise more than 70 percent of the cost of gasoline — have jumped about 30 percent since the start of 2008, driven by worries about tight stocks of refined products in the near term and mounting global demand over the longer term. Oil has risen sixfold since 2002.”

    It’s the part within dashes that’s noteworthy. Crude oil is the biggest component in gas prices, not oil-company greed. When will our presidential candidates bring this timely piece of information into the national conversation about the developing energy crisis?

  • Paul Fleuranges, a spokesman for NYC Transit, said that one reason for the decline is the significant drop in ridership on Staten Island express buses because of traffic on the Verrazano Bridge.

    I nominate the Verrazano for the next bridge bus lane, then. The MTA, who stands to gain from the increased ridership, also owns the bridge. The DOT has nominated it for one of the pilot “BRT” routes. What are you waiting for, Sander and Sadik-Khan?

  • Anyone watching CNN right now?

    The morning team were just talking about ways to save gas amongst CNN staff in Atlanta, one traded in their car (going from 13 mpg to 33 mpg), talking about carsharing websites etc…

    THEN one of the announcers (Heidi Collins) said she was biking to work, and described it, then broke out laughing at the prospect of it … mocking the very idea of biking to work!

    We have a long way to go.

  • brent

    ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Parking’
    Here’s a line that captures everything that sickens me about the entitlement of motorists:
    “‘You own a house, in front of it, it’s your parking spot,’ said Jimmy Tubridy.”
    Um, no sir, it is not your property. It is public property owned and maintained by your fellow tax-paying citizens. You are merely getting more from your tax investment than those of us don’t own vehicles.