Today’s Headlines

  • J. Mork

    Found pics of the BB signs here:

  • Competitive primaries

    We had a nice meeting with Paul Newell last night. He definitely has a convincing case to downtown voters against Silver and a good strategy to win. Most Assembly districts are swung by only a few thousand votes in a primary. They are registering lots of new voters

    His main needs right now are volunteers to collect signatures (starting June 3rd I believe) and money to fight to make those signatures stick in a court challenge to get on the ballot.

    If he wins on Sept 9th – Albany will definitely take a change in the right direction.

  • Mark Walker

    Oil at $135…. I hope Schumer succeeds in wrestling Moynihan Station away from Shelly…. Meanwhile, some comic relief from AP via the Carfree USA blog:

    Two guys get into a fight over a parking space. One is afraid the other will hit him with a pair of bolt cutters. The other thinks he sees a hand on a holstered pistol. AP takes up the story:

    “Both men drew Tasers.

    “‘They shot each other,’ Police Sgt. Pat Wyton told the Camera newspaper. ‘It was just kind of a bonehead deal’.”

  • jake

    doesn’t alternate side parking discourage car use and curb side parking? sounds contradictory to the city’s policy to decrease congestion and discourage auto traffic.

  • Josh

    Better signage is good. I’ve had a hard time finding the way up to the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path before.

  • At one point there was a move to build a flyover from the Brooklyn Bridge bike path to Cadman Plaza, so that cyclists could avoid the stairs and the Tillary Street mess. Now that I think about it, it’s probably a lot cheaper to clean up Tillary Street, but at the time, we weren’t even thinking along those lines.

    Here are some interesting headlines, in case Ben doesn’t have them on his list for tomorrow: