Today’s Headlines

  • JF

    Dick Gottfried’s response is totally lame. “Maybe if the Mayor had done a better job lobbying for congestion pricing it would have passed.” Maybe if Gottfried had expressed anything other than lukewarm support it would have passed.

  • vnm

    Speaking of Utah, last month it established its first regional/commuter railroad service in probably 50 years: FrontRunner

  • Larry Littlefield

    From the WSJ, yet another article holding that real estate prices are falling less in the bust in viable urban areas, compared with their exurban counterparts.

    When the dust clears from a massive cyclical boom and bust, I think a structural shift will be found to have occured. Capital is on the move.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Also from today’s WSJ, the recent automobile boom was a bubble, not just in the size of the vehicles but also in the number sold, presumably funded by unaffordable HELOC mortgages.

    I think I’ve figured out what to do with the SUVs. Buy them up for $1,000 each and ship them to Africa, where they can be converted to uses that get energy value for their size — minibuses and hauling freight. The high ground clearance might actually be useful on bad roads, where low speeds would cut the rollover risk.

    What they were doing in suburbia I’ll never know.

  • Tom

    From the Park Slope Article:

    “I was lucky,” Mr. Bragin recalled. “Someone was pulling out, and I pulled in. I saw several cars circling the block. I intend to leave it there until it rusts into a little heap.” And with regard to the prospect of a turf war, he said, “So far no blood has been shed.”

    Hopefully more people allow their cars to rust into little heaps and clear the way for car-free roads.

  • Mark Walker

    Crude oil hits $129.31:

    Goldman Sachs says a “super-spike” may push it past $200:

    This account of Goldman’s $200 prediction adds, “with a major disruption” — I’d guess this means a hurricane or terrorist attack taking out a refinery:

    OPEC also says $200 is realistic given the plummeting of the dollar:

    $200 would be a fair price, according to Osama Bin Laden. Note: I am no fan of his. But the fact that our deadliest enemy is praying to his god for $200/barrel oil is noteworthy, don’t you think?:

    Peak oil is real and it’s about to hit hard. It will hit everyone one way or another, including me, quite possibly eliminating my media job. On the bright side, think of it as nature’s path to congestion pricing. In a contest between Mother Earth and Brodsky/Silver/Jeffries, bet on Mother Earth.

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