Feds Launch New Pedestrian Safety Program

The federal government is launching a new pedestrian safety initiative that is apparently modeled on New York City DOT programs from the late ’80s and early ’90s. The Onion reports:

New_Get_R.jpgWASHINGTON-In an attempt to address rising pedestrian deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched a new educational outreach program Monday to encourage people to "Get The Fuck Outta The Road."

The program began in selected cities this month with the distribution of pamphlets at each city’s most dangerous intersections. It will also expand into national radio spots, televised PSAs, and, most importantly, word-of-mouth. Included in the pamphlets are tips on how every responsible pedestrian can learn to "Get The Fuck Outta The Road," including "Move your ass!" and "Look where you’re fucking going for once!" as well as an instructive diagram for removing one’s head from one’s ass prior to stepping into the crosswalk.

NHTSA officials say they hope the program will eventually branch out to include elementary schools with the child-friendly program "Hey Kids, Get The Fuck Outta The Road!" which will feature a mascot called Tire-Tread Teddy.

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  • Mark Walker

    This is pretty much the official policy of the traffic police, as someone noted here recently. Seriously: “They shrug their shoulders and say it’s a person’s own responsibility to protect themselves.”


  • andrew

    That’s funny, I didn’t think Americans actually walked much anymore.

  • These pedestrian fear campaigns still exist and were aggressively implemented on bus adds and at dangerous intersections under Iris’s administration.


  • I believe this is an example of the ’80s-90s DOT program you are referring to:


    Note that the sign faces pedestrians, not motorists – it’s not clear whether that was because the DOT assumed that pedestrian safety was a pedestrian responsibility, or because they assumed motorists wouldn’t care.

    I’m glad we’ve got some new people at the DOT, with a clear pro-safety mandate from the Mayor.

  • Looks like Ethan beat me to it! But please let us know if the DOT has changed the curriculum for “Safety City”:


    I remember there was some controversy over the use of the word “dipshit” in their materials.

  • gecko

    You should issue a warning at the beginning of the Onion report about reading it during breakfast i.e., except those people that like to eat their cereal through their nose.

  • Sid from Brooklyn

    Pedestrians seems not to care about their own safety. Watch them stand in the street waiting for the light to change(sometimes in a traffic lane) or crossing against the light or in the middle of the street. I think the reason it faces the peds is that when there is a conflict with a car, the ped always loses. The US is among the few places that doesn’t totally separate traffic and pedestrians. Its the only way to totally protect the pedestrians. The solution to the many deaths on Queens Blvd was to put fences up everywhere except at the crossings to force the peds into crossing at the lights(even though it doesn’t force them to cross with the light). London using an under ground passage ways to separate the traffic and the peds. In the US we never have spent money on things like that. Its cheaper to run a campaign that really solve the problem.

    Traffic death in cars are down because of three things.
    1. safer cars(air bags seat belts and better design- the major cause of the reduction)
    2. better designed roads for safety
    3. enforcement particularly drunk driving laws- given that a ped ticket is still $2.00(a move to increase it failed in the city council) the police don’t waste their time issuing tickets to peds

  • Fenix

    And Jan Gehl (Danish Urban Designer) said that Sydney (Australia) treated its pedestrians badly. At least we don’t get treated with the kind of disrespect that this advertising language promulgates and the Mayor is pushing for pedestrian and cycle friendly streets throughout the city.

    Those London underground pedestrian subways are ‘death traps’ outside of peak hour commuter use. Besides why should the cars be treated to the open streets – put them underground!

  • Daedalus



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