Memorial Ride Tonight for Two Manhattan Cyclists

There will be a memorial ride tonight for two cyclists killed last week.

Alvaro Olson and Jian-Lan Zhang both died last Wednesday, April 16. Both were struck by delivery trucks. As of last week no charges had been filed in either case.

Here is tonight’s schedule (times approximate):

  • 7:00 Meet in Union Square
  • 7:30 Ride leaves
  • 8:00 Ride arrives at Alvaro Olson’s ghost bike (36th and Broadway)
  • 8:20 Ride leaves
  • 8:50 Ride arrives at Jian-Lan Zhang’s ghost bike (Allen and Hester)

See the Ghost Bike web page for more info.

  • gecko

    Very troubling that there is no serious safety initiative making the children, pedestrians, and cyclists safe from cars and trucks in New York City; a basic infringement on the inalienable rights of its citizens.

  • anon

    I regret that I just can’t go tonight. I hope a lot of readers can.

  • Gwin

    These are horrible accidents, but in all honesty it doesn’t seem like it was the fault of the vehicles in either of these cases. Of course, this is NOT usually the case, but I just wanted to point out that sometimes cyclists do stupid things and risk their lives.

    I happen to live at Allen/Hester and definitely seen bikers act without caution, despite the presence of heavy truck traffic.

  • In both cases the cyclists were described as more or less attacking the trucks and bouncing off, dead.

  • cosmopolka

    gecko – that’s a bit hyperbolic. the city has a safe routes to school program that is making some major (and expensive) capital improvements like neckdowns, median islands, etc. it also has a safe routes for seniors program that is just getting into gear. it’s also actively testing out new bike facility designs, more than a lot of other cities can say. let’s give some credit.

  • gecko

    cosmopolka, Just take a trip from Red Hook up 9th Avenue to Prospect Park which I’ve been doing daily lately.

    And, this isn’t even Manhattan; so cycle down Fifth Avenue from 59th to Washington Square.

    And, by the way, people are still dying:
    Alvaro Olson and Jian-Lan Zhang both died last Wednesday, April 16.

  • gecko

    cosmopolka, Most people do not have access to the vast majority of public space in this city unless they are in cars — often even in the public parks — which are / or can be used by only a small minority; that is, unless they are willing to put themselves in mortal danger.

    Not clear what you mean by hyperbolic. Please explain.

  • cosmopolka

    huh? i don’t get your responses.
    if you mean 9th street in brooklyn, dot did some serious traffic calming of it. is your point that the city is not perfect yet and the dot could be doing more? if so, well.. yeah. if you have some constructive ideas on how to secure more money and win over grouchy community boards then you should offer those. but pointing out that things aren’t perfect yet is kind of superfluous.

  • I went last night on the ride and it was both poignant to honor the fallen cyclists by visiting and leaving flowers at the ghost bikes and a wonderful community building activity. And I have never felt safer on the road than last night when I was surrounded by a pack of fellow cyclists!

  • oz

    People forget that cyclists have to follow rules of the road just as drivers do, when refusing to do so should not be surprised with the outcome .

  • Anonymous

    People forget that cars have to follow the rules of the road just as bikers do. When refusing to do so . . .

    They pay practically no penalties whatsoever unless they’re drunk or leave the scene and as a result they devastate the lives of hundreds of New Yorkers ever year, killing individual after individual as the police look on, shrugging and pretending that traffic violence isn’t something humans can control.

  • Joe R.

    You do know this article is over 5 years old? And following the rules of the road doesn’t necessarily make things any safer for cyclists, especially when cyclists can’t depend upon drivers to follow those same rules.


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